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Total redesign 88GT

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  • Total redesign 88GT

    So I'm back from a quite a few year hiatus from Fiero's all together. I'm starting from scratch with a different car than I had before. This time I'm working on a 88 GT factory specs are; 2.8 liter iron pig, 3 speed slush box, tan interior, white exterior, swapped to black Formula wheels.

    Upgrades; 3inch chop top, C7 corvette suspension both ends (no more struts), short stroke LS3, 6 speed transmission, 3" stretch, 2012 C6 grand sport wheels, dash has not been decided yet, lots more details to come!!

    Tried to post pictures, my service is not good enough at home to upload.
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    Hey welcome back to the madness HTExtremes.

    Do you still have the F40 panels or are you starting in something completely different or keeping the Fiero panels and stretching them?

    You can't post to the forum any more. You need to go to a hosting site and copy the links into the image box in the menu and then make sure you uncheck the download the image box under where you put the url into.

    Pretty easy once you do it a couple times.

    Looking forward to some pics.
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      The F40 panels are gone, I'm starting from scratch, not even going to use the original Fiero panel really, they will be used enough to use as a base, but will be TOTALLY modified.


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