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    I have a similar setup except I converted mine into a 2 stage collector so the filter doesnt get clogged nearly as much. It is unbearably loud. I am curious about how your blue box works. Is it air tight? How does the exhaust air get out?


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      By 2-stage do you mean adding a cyclone style separator? That is my current plan. I also plan to put the dust collector itself outside in a small shed.


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        Hi these are the specs on the dust collector , i was off a little bit . here are a couple more pics , one you can see the hose off , if I am not making a shit load of dust I just take the hose off and the LED light is very handy on the boom .
        In the other pics you can see I just lay it where i need it .
        Oh also there is a 30 Lbs counter weight on the end , it spins effortlessly .
        the blue box it's in is insulated with 1/2 inch hard foam board . there is no vent to the outside , and no filter the stuff just spins in a big funnel inside and then falls into the bag , and it sucks up some fair size stuff .
        There is hardly any dust inside the box when I empty the bag .

        Good luck on building your own , I am so happy I took the time to build this one , can't imagine the mess ,not to mention the itchyness !!!
        Post yours when your done , looking forward to seeing it .
        Hope this helps !!!

        And AjzRide what car are you building ? had a quick look last night couldn't find it ?
        Brand Name Powerfist
        Item Name 2 HP Industrial Shop Dust Collector
        Type Industrial shop dust collector
        Voltage Rating (V AC) 120 V AC
        Amperage Rating (A) 16 A
        Frequency Rating (Hz) 60 Hz
        Horse Power (HP) 2 HP
        Phase Single
        Flow Rate (CFM) 1,790 CFM
        Inlet Diameter (in.) 5 in.
        Micron Rating (micron) 35 micron
        Bag Diameter (in.) 19-11/16 in.
        Bag Height (in.) 33-1/2 in.
        Intake Holes (in.) 2 x 4 in.
        Noise Rating (dB) 95 dB
        Cord Length (ft) 6 ft
        Cord Size (AWG) 16 gauge
        Cord Type SJT
        Overall Depth (in.) 33-1/2 in.
        Overall Height (in.) 73-1/4 in.
        Overall Width (in.) 22 in.
        Includes 2 cotton dust bags and 2 bag clamps
        Click image for larger version

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          I think I am going to have to try to put mine inside a box as well. I run it as little as possible because of the noise. I definitely need that swing arm too!

          Sort of, but I build my own with my CNC, based on a design that I can't think of the name of anymore. There is an entire forum dedicated to it. I since updated the filter bag with a Wynn .5 micron filter. It costs as much as the entire harbor freight dust collector, but actually filters out the invisible dust that's harmful to your health.
          Click image for larger version

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          I also cut automatic 2.5" and 4" blast gates that I was going to wire up so they would open and close the right gates and turn on the vacuum when I hit a switch, but making the gates operational was as far as I got. Then garage time became scarce for me.

          Sorry about the threadjack, awesome project by the way!
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            Originally posted by Falcata View Post
            Last page
            I machined all the bottom out ridges in the connectors so stuff could flow well , set up router table and miter saw , even have a hand floor sweep pocket .
            the dust collector itself is a beast , it's 1/12 hp 2,5 cubic feet per second i think , it required a 20 amp plugin , the lights dimm a tiny bit when it comes on , we tested the draw it draws 75 amps when it starts , i have never seen my Fluke meter read a draw like that , they are usually so fast you can't read them !!!
            It lives in this insulated box , its not annoying this way . I have to go now I will try to add some pics of it in use , I have video of it sucking stuff up from the floor's an animal

            Click image for larger version

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            Awesome project! We'll just finish installing the parts from 4Wheelonline onto the truck then we'll rebuild the garage. That will be a good additional.


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              Awesome stuff on here , very creative minds , CNC would love some of that action , maybe in the future .
              I made a small Video of my dust collector , new at Youtube so it's not the greatest .
              The next time i am trimming or cutting some glass i will video and post it .



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                Thanks for the video and details, you've given me a lot to think about. I don't think my shop is big enough for a 360 boom, but I definitely want it to be able to follow me around like yours.


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                  Hi guys and gals
                  back to the car , I decided to start working on the wing , something to do while filler or glass is curing .
                  I was going to just buy one , but then i would have to change it to fit the car anyway , so I had this old wing hanging around the shop I think it's from a Mustang .
                  The shape is close except for it's 2 feet too narrow . so I am going to take a mold of the middle and copy that twice and add a foot to each side , I know it sounds easy right .

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Hi guys and gals
                    I thought i might start adding some tips that I have discovered to make some things easier .



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                      Hey Phil, I’ve been following your build here and it’s coming along nicely.
                      Your tech tip video will help a lot of people I’m sure. I will subscribe to your channel for more updates. Take care, -Vince
                      Remember, there is always next year.


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                        A little more on the rear wing , this wing is 57 ish inches wide and needs to be like 78 inches .
                        Here making a mold of the bottom half , the mold is only needed to make two parts of each side ,so they can be raw glass ( no gelcoat ) and those parts will need to be glassed back into the wing and body work,
                        then more serious molds taken off it to produce wings for the cars .

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Continuing with the wing , I released it , pulled the PVA off and washed the rest off with water , then trimmed the part , re-waxed and Sprayed PVA on the ( raw glass mold ) and both sides of the wing in case any resin ran down inside making it stick together , then set the wing back in the lower mold and glassed the top half , i tried something new i placed 3/16 steel round bar on the curved edges in hopes of keeping them held down firm , if this was the finished product I would have made really big flanges and vacuum bagged it .

                          Please keep in mind I am no composite expert by any means , I have some past experience working at a custom yacht building company , where I got tossed into the deep end of the composite department because they were very short handed on a 70 foot sloop .
                          So a lot has changed in twenty odd years .

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Falcata Tech tip of the day



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                              I think you're taking a top notch approach to building out the plugs to make molds. I congratulate you on your ingenuity. I built out a plug on my previous Ferrari home built car project and I've got to say that my methods looked absolutely primitive compared to yours. In case you're curious:

                              Keep up the good work!
                              Joel Heinke
                              Be original; don't be afraid of being bold!


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                                Joel your killing me with all the brilliant stuff you have built , I have zero spare time , and now I am running behind because I got caught up in your 250 GTO build , ( I loved it ) these cars with crazy shapes and trying to keep everything symmetrical is a brain teaser , I was telling my friend Dave ( who want's one of these bodies for his 350Z ) it's like trying to measure an egg .............where do you start and everytime you change something it affects something else .
                                My wife and I have been to Italy three times and have been to all the Ferrari facilities , we have seen the original birdcage buck for the 250 GTO amazing !!!!


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