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  • Don love following your build. Always had a thing for these kits and yours is fantastic. Looks like your getting close to the finish line, congrads.
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    • Certainly getting closer for sure. So after all the work to get the driveline out, I pulled the clutch off and flywheel to find a bone dry rear main seal..... WTF!!!! Started looking around and I think I found my issue. I replaced the oil pan a while back when finishing the engine off and I put a new seal on as well. Just to be sure. When I put the pan on, I did not put silicone at the edges of the rear main bearing cap. I think that is my leak. When running, oil is under pressure and splashes up against the rear cap and seal and seeps through. A fair amount it seems..... So I now have a new rear main seal (not taking any chances) and a new oil pan gasket and silicone sealant. Will be doing that update this week or weekend and also going to look at the dip stick and see if i can route it to a more accessible location.

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