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Ferrari 308 Replica Rebuild and Upgrade Project

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  • Well been pretty quiet all round on the forum over the past while. I have been diligently working away at the project. Wiring continues to be my nemesis. Need to replace two sensors on the engine as they are switches on the 96 DOHC and not sensor/switches I thought they were. I have a new 88 Fiero oil pressure sensor/switch that arrived this week and a new 3 pin water sensor that will now give me the required ecu and other switches needs but also now supply the dash gauges.

    I have been out driving the car around the neighbourhood and shaking things out over the past month or so and finding that I need to tweak the odd item to make sure it is all perfect and to my satisfaction. Back up on the hoist now so I can hopefully complete the sensor installs and finish the dash gauges off and then change the oil after the first hundred or so break in kms. I have not done anything aggressive on the pedal as it breaks in but even pushing a tiny bit faster really gets this car scooting. I think this will be a pretty fast little go cart when done.

    At that point, it really is last couple pieces of interior trim and cover the targa top and I call this baby done. All of my grandkids were born and been growing while I have been building this thing and two of them come in from out of town next week for summer with us so I need to take them both for a drive in it.....

    And then it is off to its new owner..... I have already had solid commitment for its sale so once I am happy with its completeness, the fellow is going to fly in and take it home.

    And then if I am up for it, I will be starting on the Countach.... Still haven't decided if that one will be next or I go get a convertible of some sort and let me tinker but also drive while I tinker rather than another 10 years of the car on the hoist being built.....

    Anyway all, I hope everyone is staying safe and as cool or dry as they can depending on where you are these days, and more to come finishing off this project and making a call on my future in the replica world....

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000S


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