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  • Dealing with the dealer

    So my brand new 2009 Toyota with less then 5k miles is having an issue. On 3-4 separate occasions the AC just stopped blowing cold air. I may not be 100% certain but I think most of the times it happened when we were at a stop. Turning the car off and then on again would resolve the issue.

    I thought no big deal I will drop it off at the dealer and get things resolved. I then get a call saying they checked everything and everything is fine, and they are charging me $100.00 for the service. I totally lost it and went crazy on the phone. I got a manager and he said he will do me the favor and waive the charge this time. I became more irate telling me he was doing me no favor, I still have a brand new car with a problematic AC, and to even suggest that they were going to charge me was an insult. By charging me he was basically insinuating that I lied about the AC problem and it was my fault.

    Now I am very mad, I bought a toyota as a reliable car to get to work and not have any issues. The dealer is not backing down, basically just stating that the car is fine. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? How did you deal with it, And what could the problem actually be?

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    Re: Dealing with the dealer

    go to a private garage, tell them the issue, and get them to look for the source. Shouldn't be more then 50$ for them to find the source of the problem. Once you have the estimate, take the estimate to your dealership and get them to fix the problem. Then get the a-hole who worked on your car to pay the 50$ too.

    A lot of dealerships which sell brand new cars do their "check up" by just plugging in a computer to the car and looking for a problem. They hardly ever do any "manual" work to look for issues.


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      Re: Dealing with the dealer

      The first new car I ever bought was an '83 Camaro. I had just graduated college, landed a good job, and decided to treat myself to a new, problem free car. After about 6 months, I noticed a wining sound coming from the rear of the car. The faster I went, the higher the pitch, and the louder it got.
      I took it into the dealership, explained the problem, and they said they would check it out (the car was still under the factory warranty). The next morning, they called me, and said the car was done. I figured if they got it done that fast, it had to be something simple like a wheel bearing, or low differential fluid.
      The service manager told me they found NOTHING wrong with the car, and the wining that I was hearing was typical rear end noise for the car, and that the reason that it was so loud was because the large rear glass hatch acts a a reflector, and reflects the noise forward to the front of the cabin. When I told him that I never heard the noise before, and the hatch has always been on the car, he had nothing to say, and handed me a bill for $126. I refused to pay it, reminding them the car only had 4500 miles on it, and the warranty was for 3 years/ 30K miles. He told me that since they found no problem with the car, the service wasn't covered by the warranty. I paid the bill, and drove the car home with the same noise it had when I brought it in.
      3 months later, the differential burned up, and I had to have the car towed to the dealership to have fixed. After repairing the car, they once again tried to charge me for the repairs. Once again, I refused to pay, saying the car was under warranty. They told me that the differential wasn't covered ( not covered in a 3 year/ 30K mile drive train warranty?), and even if it was, it was my fault because I didnt bring the car in to be repaired BEFORE the differential completely burned up. When I told them I did, they looked in the computer and found no record or ANY service the car had been brought in for, and refused to cover it. I walked home, got the receipt, and went back.
      Turns out, they never even looked into the problem when I originally brought the car in. When they saw that I had proof that the car was "inspected" by their tech's, and was given a clean bill of health, they quickly changed their tune. They covered the repair of the rear end, and I took them to court for the $126, and won. I have never bought an extended service policy on a car since.
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        Re: Dealing with the dealer

        A friend of mine bought an extended warranty for his car - some 3rd party warranty. When his transmission broke, they refused to cover the repair. He was out almost $500, and had to do all the labor himself. Wtf is the point of the warranty?

        In my experience, the guys at the dealerships are pretty clueless. I once took my car in because my airbag light was on. They tried to repair it, but couldn't get the airbag off. I told them I could do it, and they said ok - with a catch. I couldn't do it on their property due to the liability. So, I drove the car across the street, popped the airbag out, and drove it back to the dealer's garage. $200 later, it was repaired. 2 weeks later, the airbag light came on again.

        Most of those guys are either inexperienced, or just spoiled. All they know how to do is throw parts at the car, and pray for a miracle.

        It's getting worse too - all this stuff is unnecessarily complex. I want to upgrade my 06 car's radio to the newer 07 stereo, since it has the aux input for ipod. Trouble is, the car's VIN number is programmed into the stereo! If I were to swap them out, I'd have to take the car in to have it reprogrammed. What is the point? Senseless, poor design. No wonder the automakers are having trouble...


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