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  • every one pls read

    per powerhouse recomondation i post this to you

    Hello Katana

    I know you must have known already
    i am Gloman Merritt a website developer and search for new markets and build websites to sell
    however last year i decided making replica car websites and resell body kits.
    i have built and some 27 kit car websites along with it.

    as i planned to resell kits i copied images from sellers or online store
    for educational purposes for the clients to see.

    but i am in no way affiliated with "Supereplicas"

    now my network of sites generate 2000+ visitors/buyers/dealers
    in general there interest goes to kit cars.

    i am currently selling all these sites as i have no idea what to say to clients when they want to order
    or if they ask something, as the builder i know here in the Philippines can only manage 4 builds a year

    so i thought i ask you if you are interested in purchasing as the entire site already contains
    your images "sorry for that" and i've never scammed a single person with it. supereplicas offered to buy my sites $25,000 and for $5000 without the content they want the domain name only.
    so i ask you first if your interested.

    I do what i do best built websites and market them, you can do what you do best building replica car
    and now the site has over 400 orders/inquiries for a Reventon and Some other Ferrari, Bugatti, Maybach, rolls royce and more.

    your firm can focus on building cars
    as these sites are already marketed and ranked very high on Google for every keyword in the kit car turnkey industry possible.

    I am confident you will have more customers and orders from these sites than what you get from all the forums
    together, as these site you control your self.

    i am asking you now if you are interested in the network or several to one sites that interests you.
    i am not planning to scam anyone.

    i own some 70 websites i sell websites.
    Our main sites are
    we can help you further build the sites and market them
    or you may want to choose a different firm to do the job.

    let me know

    Kind regards

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    Re: every one pls read

    My jaw dropped while reading this, all I can say is WOW. Its like getting a ransom note from a kidnapper.


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      Re: every one pls read

      I am not a scammer at all...I just scammed your photos and everyone elses so that I could build dummy websites. Then later I will blackmail all of you into buying it back from me. I've never seen so many A holes come from one industry.


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        Re: every one pls read

        This has to be a joke...


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          Re: every one pls read

          ;D ;D yea , tell him you are sending him a cashiers ck the next day


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            Re: every one pls read

            the odossity
            the guy has some huge kahunas


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              Re: every one pls read

              Tell him to sell it to superreplicas. I'm sure their check is in the mail! HAHA! Thanks Katana - you're the best! Nice to know someone in this industry that's a good guy!


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                Re: every one pls read

                This guy is funny. Or a moron.


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                  Re: every one pls read

                  To be honest, if his 'main' job is as a web developer he might be better off tryign to scam people for kit cars - all I see on those URLs are free WordPress themes that he's downloaded and done a botch job of changing. They're really pretty terrible from a web dev point of view :

                  The only value in those sites is in the domain names themselves and since he will have picked them up for around 5 each it's a bit of a stretch to expect hundreds of times that amount when all he's done is ripped people off on them..

                  Even his main 'company' website here: is nothing more than a free WordPress template and some dodgy copy.

                  There's nothing on that site at all that makes me believe that they have the blindest clue what SEO is or how to really market websites, surely if your business was building and selling websites you would make sure that your own website was so well optimised and marketed that people would know your name. He doesn't even use alt tags in his images, doesn't provide any metadata on any of his sites, and you can clearly see where he's taken a cheap and nasty template and completely botched it.

                  Don't buy this guy's websites. Let Super Replicas have him if that's even a genuine offer. For $5,000 you could get a much better website; properly built, optimised, and marketed from any one of twenty different people I could put you in touch with.

                  </rant> >


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                    Re: every one pls read

                    totally agree, not to mention having a web site like that is asking for trouble from audi.


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                      Re: every one pls read

                      You should write him a letter back that reads:

                      Hello, my name is Peter Cheng Wong from Hong Kong
                      I have a business that I want to offer you.

                      This projects worth 22.5Million Dollars and
                      you will have a 50% share from the total amount.

                      I will give you the full details in my next e-mail
                      and what I need from you. So if you are interested
                      please contact me back at my personal address

                      Mr. Peter Cheng Wong


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                        Re: every one pls read

                        At first I could not believe that there was no SEO, but after looking at the code, my jaw dropped. Personally, I like WordPress and Joomla. I have used both to design web pages for clients, but I do not charge anything for them. It takes one hour, and I can train the local web admin on how to use them. The big work is in the SEO.

                        I also like the copyright on the web design with all of the stollen copyrighted material. Makes you want to steel the design. Except there is not much to steel as one can rebuild these pages by following the WordPress tutorials.


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                          Re: every one pls read

                          Originally posted by Brastic
                          Makes you want to steel the design.
                          There's no need to steal the designs from any of their sites, they're all just free downloaded themes. The Revention Replica one comes from these guys:

                          Their 'business' website is built on the free Elements of SEO template from here:

                          The only thing they seem to have done is basterdised each theme by sitcking inline styles into them. Not even proper CSS development...


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                            Re: every one pls read

                            i would love to know what in the world you are all talking about, i would love to know how to make a web page but i just can not figure it out. even the yahoo stuff fustrates me. i want to build a page for my fab buisness. i already own my domain. i have one page that i can not seem to be able to remove. to put up another one with all the goodies.


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                              Re: every one pls read

                              What a moron. The only real work for him was registering those domains. pff uses templates and wants to sell it.


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