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Mclaren F1 replicas?

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  • Mclaren F1 replicas?

    I know some guy out in Poland did a heck of a job at building a Replica Mclaren F1 all the way down to the 3 seat design.

    What about here in the states? How would someone go about building one of these?

    I know for a fact its going to cost six figures to build and then design a tube chassis. I've been planning for the future for sometime now and after I build my dream car(The Lamborghini) I've always wanted to own two exotics. Originally I had plans on doing a Countach and a Testarossa but now times changed and id still rather do a Countach but the TR has become a vairable for me and I'm more opened to building something else like a Zonda or Mclaren F1. I really wanna do a Mclaren F1 though. If not I don't mind settling for a Zonda Replica or something else thats Super exotic. I figure id better start planning now.
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    Re: Mclaren F1 replicas?

    This is a classic carbuilding question -
    Originally I too had plans on doing a Countach but tons have been done and there are some basic flaws in the original and replicas.. so I decided to customize, improve and update it to a one off prototype using readily available molds, panels and parts. Call it King Countach kind like Shelby's mustangs = king snake = super snake - etc etc.

    Mclaren F1 though is different in that you need to decide to make plugs, molds, panels and copy chassis, etc. adding to the build expense but giving means of making more of them. Or re-skin and customize a donor vehicle that most closely mimics the Mclaren F1 but only gives you a one of. However you give up some degree of exactness in your reproduction.

    If you need exact buy a real countach (affordable these days) and continue to dream about the Mclaren F1.


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      Re: Mclaren F1 replicas?

      That mclaren is awesome and i have followed it for a while. It would be expensive to reproduce. I would do the zonda. No one has completed one yet, its modern,definitely exotic, would get much more attention, and i personally think you would have more room for design changes (interior/wheels/etc...)which would save a lot of money, and you would be my hero;lol

      I thought of getting the zonda body; making the car super light weight; putting in a suzuki 1300 engine(with some extras); and be done.
      It would not handle good or be super fast, but it would look bad, sound bad, and really fool Basically, a stretched smartuki.This car would be good for going downtown to turn some heads, ring some eardrums, and maybe pick up a girl or

      Just a thought Russ
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        Re: Mclaren F1 replicas?

        It wouldnt be good to do an f1 replica now that mclaren has its new supercars out so they will he heating the handle on replicas.


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          Re: Mclaren F1 replicas?

          I'm doing a Lamborghini regardless of what else is out there. Zonda, Veyron, Mclaren F1, Vector W8. I was thinking about the Mclaren for the future cause I'm thinking to myself what if I do end up getting married having a baby? I'm not buying some lame 4 seater sedan. I remember watching a documtery on the Mclaren F1 and seeing a guy driving himself, his wife and their son in the car and figured why can't I do the same?. It would be awesome!.

          I've considered using a 4th generation camaro as a base for the mclaren f1 since they both share identical body lines and if you switch up on a few things you might get away with using it as a donor car. But that center seating positioning and midengined setup will be very expensive to excute properly. I'm not looking for a Replica that's exact but exceptable.

          This one is okay id say with a little bit of work it can be amazing.

          But at the rate things are going that probably won't happen. I do like Prototype 2's Zonda a lot. If I ever got around to doing one id look into buying an NSX chassis or even doing on an MR2 chassis like Fillup's enzo. I wouldn't do it on a tube chassis cause that would be way to expensive.


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            Re: Mclaren F1 replicas?


            Oh its very doable!. :

            With very little work done you could even have an LS1 for power!.

            Some body modifcations, center seat conversion and you have a Mclaren F1


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              Looks like the cars up for sale, 50k Euro.

              Translation result for
              Follow my designs on Facebook fan pages.:cool: [url][/url]


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                50keuros is a great deal ESP if the us dollar gets stronger


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                  this car was handcrafted by a great team from poland ( my homecountry ) as far as is know they wanted to build only 3 cars; the first with a rover v8 ( or audi / not sure anymore) the second with a audi v8 and a 3rd one with a audi w12, wich was finished in germany , but also not sure about that. all in all its a great car, the only thing that i would change is the steering wheel the front lights and exhaust, but im picky ^^
                  heres the link unfortunatley its polish...
                  Inny inny MCLAREN F1 REPLIKA, 2011r., 2700cm3, 200 KM -

                  heres another polish production replica audi v8 f50 hehe the guy also built a very nice murci with cool interior thats his page Bojar Tuning - HOME go to galleria there are the pics
                  Ferrari F50 REPLIKA, 2011r., 4200cm3, 360 KM - thats the f50
                  also its seems like they have a bugatti on the way
                  Bojar-Tuning Veyron - YouTube
                  guessimg from the vid its also a audi v8 ( rs6 ? ) cuz it has rs6 rims
                  sry for hijacking this thread


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                    darn look how perfect this on the brakes and so on....

                    there's also a white one
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