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    I know that a lot of you have worked with V8 Archie at some point... but for those of you who have not, I just wanted to post my thoughts.

    Every dealing that I have ever had with Archie has been nothing but first class. I can't find a single thing that would be anywhere near less than perfect. I just completed another transaction with Archie that is a prime example.

    I had purchased a piece from Archie a long time ago... and never used it. It has been sitting on the shelf for much longer than any reasonable return period. I needed a battery relocation tray for my build... so I sent Archie an email and asked if there was any chance I could send back the part that I had not used and exchange it for a battery tray. I didn't even know what I had paid for the original part, but I knew that it was more than the battery tray. Archie... of course.. said no problem. I sent the part back, and today I recieved the battery tray back as promised. I was just happy to exchange a part that I wasn't using for a part that I needed.... BUT... not only did I get back the battery tray, he also included a check for the difference in value between the parts!!! Much unexpected.

    FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY. This is the type of person that I like to do business with. I know that I can always trust him. Thats a nice change in today's market.

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    He can get a little testy at times, but he really does have a reputation for quality products and good support. I've bought product from him too.


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      I would love to use him for a V8 transplant in my car but as with most high quality services, there are high quality prices.

      Nothing wrong with this and I only wish I could afford the $6k - $9k I've heard quoted for a full install.

      He certianally has the rep of being both a pioneer and leader of V8 Fiero based swaps.



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        My ls4 install was $8000 including the engine and all parts by fieroking. Then I went nuts and it went way more than that. Turbo kit, Held suspension and brakes, and a built transmission. But a stock ls4 is more than adequate and the transmission will last longer. I've broken a stock input shaft and a 300M. Now I'm getting a built tranny with all the goodies including an aermet 100 alloy input shaft. The aermet 100 shaft with it's internal shaft cost $1000 by itself, but I want to put the pedal down and still be able to drive it home instead of calling a wrecker. If that is what an Archie install goes for I would advise going ls4 even though I have great respect for Archie. If you want an ls with a stick shift though, I would talk to Archie. I don't know what other builders would charge for an ls swap.
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          Archie was a member of this forum but quit because he was flamed so much. I think he is a stand up guy. I have talked to him a several shows in Daytona. I would purchase anything from the man.
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            He gets flamed on pennocks too, but not as much as he gets respect.


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              Originally posted by FunnyWheels View Post
              Archie was a member of this forum but quit because he was flamed so much. I think he is a stand up guy. I have talked to him a several shows in Daytona. I would purchase anything from the man.
              You can thank Shaun Hammet for that over on realfierotech

              The last time I checked he was well respected over on Pennocks it was real fiero tech were his work is not respected.

              Personally I think it was awesome he did the Muria, LS7 Fiero and so on but his claims I sometimes wonder if they are legit or bogus. I believe He charges to much for kits and they don't perform for the price. You could build a V6 easily for pennies on the dollar. I also remember Exotic Illusions working with him and the reason why those Countach Turnkeys were so expensive was because of the Archie swap.


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