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Is furgazzi cars legit?

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  • Is furgazzi cars legit?

    I am interested in getting a bentley body from them so did anybody deal with them and if so how was the experience?Did anybody go to their shop?

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    I thought a couple guys from FL visited the shop or were going to. I'd be interested in a bentley gtc as well.
    White Fugazzi Bentley Supersport Convertible GTC


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      Buy it through eBay and pay using paypal
      That way you'll be protected
      Don't do the transaction outside of eBay

      I saw their cars in person at the SEMA show
      In November in las Vegas
      But I have not been to their Florida shop


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        I am not sure how ebay would deal with it because when you pay it takes 2 months to build a car..Has anyone gone to their shop and seen completed cars?


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          From what I read in another thread, one of the forum members went to his shop and was so overwhelmed with the quality of his work he spent more time looking at the cars and asking questions than taking pictures. He and one of the forum moderators(or administrators, can't remember which one it was) are planning on going back down to his shop and getting photos of the work.


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            I saw there cars at sema and talked to Matt there I build car for a living and there body ad fiberglass was VERY nice. I am not part of there shop or a client I am just a builder that will be happy to tell
            you what I saw in person. I wish either of my lambo bodies were even a 1/10 as nice as his. Good luck


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              I saw his 2 cars at SEMA in las Vegas as well

              Very good quality
              One was recently on eBay that a customer completed instead of having fugazzi build it , so it can be completed quickly


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