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    hey am33r dude, i saw an old 70s miura lambo kit today and was crying the whole way home! do you know anyone who might have molds for said car, its a big project, but i think thats a final on what i want to do


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      Originally posted by tallon
      Would be nice if you just pm me from here this is after all someone else's thread.

      Nicely said, can we all be grown up and move on
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        Ovenomojr, sorry man I jacked your thread! I will no longer post here, or anywhere tallon posts anyway!

        @ tallon

        I do not need to pm you.

        When I pm'd you months ago I asked you about certain kit code names! not about "How well-finished is a fiberglass kit" And I thanked you for your input! That shouldn't diminish my credibility of something totally different! I can teach someone what colors are in a rainbow without knowing why a rainbow exists or visiting one myself. You are using a fallecy to diminish my credibility about something because I lacked once in a different area of knowlege. One of two things: You are either ignorant to this fallacy concept (Which is likely the case given that you don't have critical thinking skills in your post or even in the reply to my post), or you know you are using a fallacy, which makes you a crook, but also a fool because you should not do that with me after what I wrote earlier.

        These are merely possibilities, but not all... You might not be a fool, or a crook, or ignorant in some logic unknown to me!

        @ the boss

        Well, it's not a democracy here, so I will leave! Don't worry, I will no longer post.


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          Originally posted by tallon
          A lot of people here say "complete", that doesn't mean it will never be added to again but it definitely doesn't mean a rough body sitting loosely on a stretch fiero chassis which is what we were comparing to!
          Exterior is one thing but I personally don't think an interior should ever be truly complete. As funds, technology and laws develop, so should the interior.

          I guess it's a question of what you're after. If you're looking for an exact copy of a real Lamborghini, expect to spend money that brings you in to the price range of a used REAL Lamborghini (after all, you're putting pretty much the same stuff in to it) and if you can afford to spend that much $, you can probably afford the gas and insurance to drive it all you want. For that reason, I find the "exact replica" theme a little silly but to each their own I guess.

          I tend to think that "finished" in the world of custom cars is a title that; apart from exact replicas, doesn't belong any further then a finished and painted exterior and the originally envisioned interior. After that, you're just upgrading.


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            Rob doesn't make the most legit kits.

            He acts like he's billy badass when he's clearly not. Id understand if he offered an extreme acurracy with a carkitinc price but he doesn't all hes offering is the same kit that carkitinc offers themselves the G28 from inland which isn't all that bad honestly. I would buy from him at the sametime I wouldn't.

            I think its kind of fishy someone accuses him of scaming 81k and all the sudden he's got a black on black Viper...


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              Nice looking build, I am doing the same exact one, I pmd you with some q's on it... look forward to seeing more pics and info
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                Guys .. in the end .. Do you recommend to buy from car kit inc ? ( Yes or No )


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                  Originally posted by haddad View Post
                  Guys .. in the end .. Do you recommend to buy from car kit inc ? ( Yes or No )
                  Yes, I would.
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                    Just going by other people's recommendations I would too but you need to go down there with a trailer and know what you are getting. Get a correct packing list and check off everything you need before you leave.
                    Don't sweat the little stuff. Figure you WILL have to redo the headlight buckets, door cards, center console, inside trunk lid, engine cover and windshield frame just to name a few.
                    And don't wine when these things need work.
                    They all need work.


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                      Hello, I'm new to this forum. I just came across this discussion and saw a post where someone said that CKI is a scam. I wanted to share my opposing opinion. I bought a Mercy-4 kit in 2012 from them. Drove from TX to AL to get it. Was it the BEST kit I had ever seen? Probably in the top three, but not the best (the best was a one piece body kit from a company that must be out of business now). However it IS a GOOD kit. Jackie, the owner, was helpful, and even now, when I email him, he always responds. I am enjoying building the kit. I will answer any questions that I can (yes, I'm an experienced fab guy, but this particular kit from CKI is my first Murc to build from them). Hopefully my pic will upload...hope that helps add to information about CKI. I think the guys there are good guys. Have a great day everyone!

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Doesn't look like CKI is giving up anytime soon. New You Tube videos!!

                        CarKitInc- Shipping the Mercy-2 Hard Top H.T. (Parts list) - YouTube

                        CarKitInc- White Mercy-4 at Guntersville Lake - YouTube


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                          satinta: Talked to Jackie today. No, he's not giving up. The lawsuit has been filed in his county by Lamborghini Automobili attorneys. The only real thing they can get him on, if ANYTHING, is the fact that he sells kits for profit. If he were building the cars and selling them, they would have no grounds to stand on as long as he does each unit as an expression of art and not as a "car business". I referred him to an IP (intellectual Property) attorney that I use for securing IP rights in software development. He's got a good chance of winning. The only thing is, he might not want to spend the $ to do so, especially if they drag this out, which I'm sure they are going to try to do.

                          ALSO, if any of you have ever bought a kit from him, you know that his kits/molds aren't at his showroom location. They are about an hour out in the hills of AL. I bet Lamborghini couldn't find them in a year, lol! Anyway, he says he'll fight them. I hope so because I really like his kits, and plan to buy a few more soon. Kev


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                            buy or not to buy and if Legit?
                            well we did.....there OK...?? but honestly? they need a GRIP of Body WORK !!
                            the ones we got a hold of nothing lined up? but figured well get what you pay for???
                            there inexpensive and there "There" ...LOL there legit....
                            but compared to the UK ones ,there NO WHERE CLOSE to how the bodies are !!!
                            and for Installation, well there is NO, hardware you'll need to Fabricate "Everything" and will need decent welding skills...
                            example if you got a MR2? and got a Mercy body depending on which one, you'll need to cut measure and make sure it's lined up good.
                            and then figure "How it Fabricate" to mount it well...if you have time it's a ok thing? should figure depening on how well you want your
                            kit to come out? 6 months to get it almost to Mounted stage(not including paint,interior,or much else?) be about right?
                            other kits depending on type wont be that bad, most of which will be prepping the body, ours had really thin spots
                            it would crumble away, and just looked kind of "HACK"...????
                            but it was something to "Work with" but you get what you pay for..???
                            would I get one again...???
                            NO !!! would rather pay the extra 2 grand and have the body kit look good !!!
                            but there ok, if that is in the budget? but they will need allot of work and there Legit.........


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                              Wow at this guy. Jackie basically gave you the kit for what im guessing was 3,000 maybe 4,000 and you still claim it was junk?
                              You knew what you were buying to begin with and i have dealt with guys in europe and im here to tell you, you are gonna pay alot more and it MAY be a little bit better, but i have seen high priced throw aways. Just saying. ALL KITD NEED BODY WORK...just saying


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