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anywhere I can find a aventador kit?

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  • anywhere I can find a aventador kit?

    the title explains it all, it is such a beautiful car. wondering where I can find a kit with interoir maybe?

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    If your a ferrari lawyer a company called super replicas!
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      There is a builder in calexico California finishing up an aventador kit

      Not quite ready yet


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        it s still to early ,if this is what you seek wait until most of the major players have something to show , IF you are shopping cheapest price go ahead an jump on the first thing moving ...then want to sell it later to get a better kit an not the better deal , seriously Wait , until mid Feb. ...go see it an if you feel an have trust put a deposit down because most builders of these will have full books ... I know , the best price , the better deal, an the incomplete kits too .... all OF THEM WILL be full of buyers ..BOOKED , we have 10 new pic. but did not post them because of 3 members here with BS

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        Quality... is NOT visible to the naked eye, without scrutiny ,when you want it fast !!
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          I emailed the person in Calexico, California. since a friend of mine was 30 minutes away to go check it out and pay, replied once asking for 14500 usd. i asked if i can go pick it up, or ship it. he replied, where to ship. after that, he stopped emailing back. not sure if its legit.


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