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The end all best 2,000 dollar vehicle

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  • The end all best 2,000 dollar vehicle

    I am here with an age old question. What is the best car or truck I can get for X amount of dollars?

    For this post, X = 2,000 .

    I understand that for this price it is really all about the vehicle's condition. For example, you can buy a Honda Civic in poor condition...This is "probably" worse than purchasing a Ford Escort in good shape, heh. So this answer is not set in stone, just looking for good starting points.

    Please, please, PLEASE do not post a response like, " the best car or truck you could buy is the one you could get if you saved more money. Save your money and buy a better vehicle!!!"
    For one, that doesn't answer the question. Secondly, it DOESN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION. Lastly, it makes you a tool.

    *specific years and engine types would be helpful
    *any amount of reasoning you can give for your answer would be helpful, especially personal experience.

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    Having sold over 300 cars I found the most reliable,economical,and cheap to fix cars would be 97-00 Ford Escorts and 93-00 Nissan Altimas.Obviously the Nissans will hold there value a little better but if your patient and fairly knowledgable about cars you can find a diamond in the rough.


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