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Another one time good guy bits the dust!

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  • Another one time good guy bits the dust!

    I really hate to post up about non performers in our hobby but people need to know.

    Last summer I started a conversation with R*b of R***LP*** about purchasing a Reventon body. He sent me pictures of the current state of the mold for the Reventon he was have completed. In August of last year he called me offering a set of Revento wheels that he had. I then sent him money to pay for the wheels and a deposit on a Reventon body. 2 months later the gentleman I am building the Reventon for made a deal with R*b to have me ship the Reventon body we had (an original Eddie of South Carolina piece of shit) to Arizona. I crated the body and shipped it to him at a cost of $850.00 that he was suppose to repay me for.
    Since then I have called regularly to find out status and every time he would have a different excuse, his body maker (Joe of Inland Exotics needed more money) ,he had to move, R*d couldn't due anything until he sold the cars he had, and so on.
    R*b then took a job with some Security company. His last excuse was he was in the hospital with a broken back and hand.

    As of now I have had nothing that we sent money to Him for and he is now telling people that I have been scamming people on a build that I am helping him with. Let me be VERY clear I have not had any other dealings with him.

    The last straw was the gentleman I am building the car for got a text from R*b's girlfriend she stated that R*b was in jail for assaulting a Police Officer and that he is a total piece of sh*t.

    I do have copies of text messages that I have received.

    Please DO NOT trust R*b.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this sorry state of affairs.

    Joe Sokol

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    Sad, really. I hate to chime in about someone I don't know, but there are some on here that would say the writing has been on the wall about this one for a while. He was accused of this type of thing a while back.


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