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Replica kits that are actually good???

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  • Replica kits that are actually good???

    I am looking to start my first build, either a 360 or a vanquish V12. I am looking for anything that does not require a stretch. I have seen many negative reviews of Kitcarinc. I wanted to see if anyone has actually bought a kit from someone and was satisfied! I have seen a lot of websites but I want some personal experience! please let me know?

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    What do you mean by satisfied?

    At least carkitinc delivers.


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      carkitinc has a Aston Martin kit but its not a vanquish. I have seen the kit placed on a Jag chassis. Its not terrible and it can be completed by someone without too much experience but in order to make it close to a vanquish you would need to build rear fender flares into the kit which would require experience in working with fiberglass and body sanding.

      Once you place the body on the Jag chassis you would want to build up the rear fenders to create a wide body rear profile as that is a major feature of the Vanquish

      Have not seen the carkitinc 360 yet
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        I am sure if you have read even a few of the build threads and kit car chatter threads here that you can see there are many, many "kits that are actually good"! carkitinc is not the company to center on here...There are a vast array of great kits, from British classics, through Italian Supercars to current replicas of most all of the luxury models.

        In fact, of you are interested in the 360 you could actually become involved in selling and delivering 360s from a British vender here in the US as a rep. Or you could order a very high quality 360 from the UK and have it shipped to the US from DNA, or or
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          well as a newbie "Here" I do not know of how they handle some questions??
          but, to your "Question"
          well I haven't bought anything from "Overseas" yet...???
          was going to get something from DNA from there USA re-seller but Don't bother with him? he's need to explain?
          however we did sometime back get a kit from Kit car Inc.
          and can bet there here there Legit....
          BUT !!!!!!!
          it does need a Hella'va LOT of WORK !!!
          90% is shotty at best? I do not know who does there Molds? but an hour or 2 extra probally make them look WAY BETTER.
          and we had to almost redo most of the kit? almost thinking to re-do it ourselves?
          it's not bad-BAD...but not I would say from "Pictures I have seen of" DNA, MR2KITS, SRC-kitcars even remotely CLOSE to those...
          DNA stuff though looking at 17 to 18 grand for USA cost, everyone elses prices for USA about Half if that roughly....
          kit car inc. you get the shell, some video's you look up via you tube, and your On your Own fabricating "Everything"
          pretty much they look really HACK, but if you spend and we were on it everyday! about a year but more than likely 2 years...

          so would I get a kit from them again...???

          not because they were bad? there ok?
          but for someone less than "Retired" that could spend everyday 9 to 10 hours or more a day on it(1/2 will go into figuring out how to mount body? other half will go
          into just getting preped)
          or if you knew what your doing? and knew how to fabricate a sub frame quickly and had welding equipment could maybe do it in about 6 months?
          if you had that time? you MIGHT ad a slim MAYBE get it done in about 9 months? if you good.....if you had to rent tools etc.?
          so if you only had the weekends to work on it? and no other times? expect a average car kit inc "Kit" to take about 2 years or more?

          but for the other places,
          the way there set up for example, a DNA kit, or MR2KITS
          if you have good metal cutters a good die grinder and good basic tools, you can have there kits the way there explained
          put on the car and Mounted in "Under a week" that's just for the Body kits(not including details like paint or interior etc.)
          but the outside is like 90% anyways........
          but I would bet 2 quick working guys on the car could get the body kit mounted done in a day or 2.....

          our Mercy kit we were in the RED zone lost out on that one and we sold it for $65,000


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            Hi, Ronnie here... of the Jag forums Ash Mart build. I documented my ok experience with CKI. Of note, Im on my second year.. not due to the degree of difficulty though.


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              I was thinking about carkitinc for the 355 hardtop. it seems nobody makes these kits anymore in the states so it seems like my only choice. if i could find a ad or mirage, i would get one in a heart beat but they are not around. carkitinc prices are great so i might get it and take my chances. my car already has a ifg kit but is a spider so im probably just going to use the rear clip.


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                Hi mate,

                I can fully vouch for DNA, but I dont think they are selling the 3Sixty anymore so it would be the 4Thirty.

                They also do the DN8 (458 ) and the new arrival its based on a Merc SL500 and they call it the DNA West Coast, which is a Fer$%ri Califonia and has a metal folding roof!

                I am mid build of one of their 4Thirty's and, having NO ability in this field I am managing OK.

                The MASSIVE bonus with this company is the aftersales service is second to non and the Owners forum is the friendliest I have ever been on.
                When a newbie posts "how do I do xxx" you dont get a flood of "search the forum you lazy $%^$" responses, but you get the answer from anyone who replies.

                I have updated my DNA build thread on here and you can see it here

                The DNAOC forum is here DNA Owners Club - Index

                Have a look and see what you think, if you want to ask any questions then either ask me or ask on the DNA forum, or even better, give DNA a ring.



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