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  • Terry Gatrell - Avoid like the plague

    Terry had our Austin Healey replica for about 1 1/2 years. We paid him a fair amount of money to upgrade and paint our car. I would call him and he gave me updates of what was done to the car. All sounded good but we never received pictures as promised. We finally went to Livonia Michigan where he was located and went to the address that was on his correspondence and where we sent the checks. What we found was the building owner who received us graciously and showed us to the car. Terry had taken the grill surround and rear bumper off. He also took our rear Dayton wheels off and put them onto the Sebring next to ours. There was no convertible top, headlights, 8" rear axle and many other parts we paid for. Terry had about three Austin Healeys, a Cobra, His Ministers Buick Rivera and a couple of other cars that had not been touched. The Cobra person had 50 grand invested in his and it was just a rolling shell. Major ouch.

    The owner of the building said Terry had rented part of the building from him and not paid for over a year so he locked Terry out. He recommended another business that could put our car back together and do the repairs that were needed to make the car roadworthy again. Technosports did the work for us and also replaced the heater core that was bad and then travailered the car back to us in GR, MI. We have since been doing the work ourselves and having fun with the car.


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    Wow, that sucks. At least your story has a somewhat happy ending though, you got your car back. Have you heard from this guy anymore? Does he know you were there and got your car back?


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      I do not know for sure if he has any idea we got the car back, I would guess he does know as the owner of the business was going to take him to court. There was another person that I know of that this happened to. He got his car back and took it to another shop to be finished. Thankfully we got our car back also. Thank you for your reply.


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        Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


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