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  • REALM Engineering - pathetic customer service

    Just like to relay the worst experience of my life with this company from England known for their D-Type Jag replicas .
    Purchased a Ferrari 250 GTO GRP full body kit from this company - 7.5k AUD outlay.
    Thanks to missing fumigation document my goods were seized by customs and cost me an additional 1.5k to be released.
    When contacted with this oversight and asked to pay half things started to turn nasty.
    Finally received goods and discovered my headlight covers , tubes of glue and most importantly- my instruction booklet were missing.
    By this stage had lost complete confidence in REALM , so lodged Paypal claim.Adrian soon contacted me promising missing items would be sent ASAP.
    Like a fool I beleived him and cancelled claim..Some time later headlight covers and glue arrived but still missing all important instruction booklet.
    As a total novice I had explained - prior to purchase, how important this was and would never have considered build without having them.
    After again contacting Adrian and diplomatically requesting instructions - numerous times, firstly had my emails ignored then blocked !
    I next asked my son to contact REALM and request instructions on my behalf - what a surprise ,he was also blocked !!
    Next my wife stepped in and sent numerous emails for my instructions - requests that to date have all been completely ignored by this D#*k This all left such a bitter taste in my mouth I decided to cut my losses and sell the kit (at a considerable loss ) as i didn't care to risk destroying my Datsun AND the kit rendering both useless..
    Thanks Adrian for being such a prince in your dealings with me .
    Just remember-what goes around comes around mate-karma will always prevail and I hope yours is just around the corner ....
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