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Custom splined half shafts.

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  • Custom splined half shafts.

    Hi everybody!
    I am building a kit which I used a driveline other than the builders intended. I needed half shafts machined with Alfa Romeo on one end and GM (fiero) on the other. I used a company called Branik Motor Sports. I found them on the internet, and they made axles from my mock ups. They were case hardened and fit perfectly. They weren't expensive either (about $260.00 each). I was very pleased.

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    Thanks ! Good information to know ! Also good to have someone that has used this company and has positive things to report.


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      You might be surprised at how much cheaper you can get custom axles made at local machine shops. I was prepared to have Mosher make up some custom axles for me, when by chance, I called a couple local shops and both could cut new splines on axles far cheaper than having them made by a big company.

      I found that passenger side axle rods from a '96-'07 Dodge Caravan have the same diameter and spline count as the spider assembly in the Fiero's outer CV joint, making them snap right on. Then, for the tripot end, the Caravan axle rod is plenty long to be cut and re-splined to whatever configuration is required. Complete axle assemblies from the junk yard run about $35 in Canada.

      My local machine shop uses a divider head on a lathe and a carbide burr to cut the new splines one by one. The cost is about $75 per axle end. That works out to about CDN$ 220 total to have two axle rods ready to install... or about US$ 150.

      (I'll add a photo of the divider head when the "Attachment Editor" stops acting up.)
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