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  • Trouble at PFF

    Seems like Cliff Pennock's laissez-faire approach to moderating his forum has hit the fan. Google pulled its ads (and financing) as a result of sexually suggestive content. If you want to help save the site you can help him parse 100,000's of threads. It's too bad he didn't listen to common sense when some of us former members advised him that the content he was allowing no longer met his own posting rules.

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    Adds are back ---- All is well --- Nothing to see here - Move along please.


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      no no no, we want details, pictures, gossip etc
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        Being careful and as best I understand ---- in the 'off topic' section and as you can guess a number of topics are discussed. Again being careful, the troubles of the likes of Jared Fogle and most important the named 'criminal act' act he was charged and convicted of along with other discussions relevant to todays headlines were picked up by Googles auto bots and flagged as 'unfriendly' to the advertisers. Adds were terminated. After some self policing of 'hot topics' and I guess a review by Googles censors, adds were reinstated.


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