Do we have any members in the Indianapolis area? I am having trouble getting an F40 rear window I paid for in April out of Norm's Fiberglass. Despite repeated emails and phone calls with promises to deliver ( and it is a really long and frustrating story) he has not done anything. He repeatedly tells me it is sitting in a crate in his shop to be delivered( I prepaid shipping) At this point I am not sure he even made it for me, as I have been lied to about everything else. I would love to find out if it is even there in his shop. Unfortunately I am in Mazatlan, Mexico, and at this point he believes I will just go away and he keeps my $1200 ( not to mention the $2000 trip at Easter to Tucson I made to make shipping easier, where I was to pick it up- didn't happen) I would be indebted to anyone living close to him that could go take a look. I am about to go legal with this if nothing else works. Thought he was a legit business when I started all this back in Nov of last year. Thanks in advance, and let me know if there is someone close that might be willing to help. Steve