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  • More Brian Wolfe Snake Oil

    [url][url] I pity the poor guy who buys molds from that guy.

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    Re: More Brian Wolfe Snake Oil

    Three years later and he still scamming people.

    I was a friend but will not have anything to do with him anymore.

    He ripped off a guy in NY a year and a half ago for about 12,000 dollars he will never make good on it.
    He just keeps ripping one person to pay off another person this is the way he works.

    Getting my life back together, he is so stalling thatís the story he gives time after time.

    How do I know this I have known this scam artiste for 9 years and let me tell you he has ripped-off so many people so many different ways I am not going to start listing here, I just started over the year finding out that this is his way of doing things, conning people.
    He did when he had his Mr. Theater Company and used his very close friends company to make money for himself and scammed this person for a lot of money.

    Man when I found out that just over year ago I told him to go jump in the lake.

    And when people hard I wanted nothing to do with the scum thatís when I started to here from his ex-friends how he ripped off this person and ripped off this person, and from what I have been told, I estimate that Brian as of April 2005 has screwed people for about 300,000.00 and this spans over the last 15 years.

    He will never stop beating people out of their money.

    All he did to me was steal half of my tools.

    So if you think heís being on the up and up when he says heís having some hard times because someone else has screwed him over or some other nonsense story he is telling, lets just put it this way he was conning someone and they put a stop to it just read this post Thatís what Ken did and of course he was telling everyone that Ken swindeled him, believe me thatís the story he told me.

    So there it is.


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