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    If the pictures don't work, then go here and sign on (it takes 2 mins and it's free). Especailly if you want more horsepower.

    Looking at replica motors on the web, I have noticed that most of the motors all look stock, especially in the V6 range. I snapped a few pics of my 2.8L V6 and the practical CHEEP upgrades that you can deffinately feel.
    I am using pictures of my car (1986 Lamborghini Countach replica powered by a 2.8L V6). These mods should be used on ALL motors no matter what size for cheep and very real horsepower! Just an FYI, I also own a 1995 Ford Mustang with 400 Horsepower and I have the same mods on that car as well.

    First of all I want to point out the ever so famous K&N Filter question. I have so many folks tell me they installed a K&N filter and think they now have high performance mod (modification) on their car. Here is basically what they have installed:

    Yes, it is a K&N filter and it does somewhat flow better than a stock air filter. BUT, your motor is still breathing through a straw.
    Notice the filter on my 2.8L. I couldn't get my imagestation pics to come up, so just Click the link:
    This in not a K&N filter but it's what K&N became known for. K&N DOES MAke these filters. This type of filter is a "Conical air filter" or a "Cone" This is where horsepower is unleashed. It's obvious that the motor can now breathe at will when the throttle body is open at full throttle. This particular filter is made by APC (Cheep wanna be filter that has the physical properties of a high power racing filter, so technically....the same thing). I bought this filter at "Autozone" (or any local auto parts store) for only $19.00. The alluminum mounting pipe was an additional $29.00 but needed for the install.
    It's kind of like a "Coke" and "Soda water". Most racers say a K&N filter and they are talking about a Cone but the guys that don't know know much about racing components think they are talking about a stock replacement filter made by K&N. You will need to re install your PCV line and air sensor to the new pipe. Easy to do as seen here. Click the link:

    I also added a MSD ignition coil ($45.00) in place of the stock coil along with a new cap and rotor($15.00):

    Here is a smaller pully (approx $70.00) I installed that was custom made for a Fiero 2.8L (mounts in place of the crank shaft pully). I can't remember who made it but if anyone is interested, I can find out. It's hard to see, but it's in the cinter of the pic and it's blue.

    Finally, my exhaust. I am in Texas and can get away with no cataletic converter if I find the right inspector. Below is a pic of the 12" generic glass pack installed at a local muffler shop. 3" pipe runs to the tips. Muffler was about $35.00 and total install was about $90.00. I guarentee it sounds like a real Countach since there is a real one in my neighborhood.

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