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  • murcie quarter glass

    Can anyone help me on this? I am going to purchase a kit from carkitinc, a murcie no top, the only thing i dont like is that it dont have the long quarter glass like the mercy 2. Can i duplicate that glass or panel, or have any one done that yet.
    anthony rodgers

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    Re: murcie quarter glass

    I am assuming that you are buying the "Murcie 1" kit ? My question to you is, "Why"? You've already encountered some of the problems with that kit (why do you think they are so cheap?), and they wont end there. That car is going to cost you considerably more in the end than just building the "Murcie 2" from the start. Nothing is available for the car, and the time and money you will spend having to fabricate EVERYTHING is going to make you loose interest VERY fast. When its all done, you will still only have a very bad rendition of a Murcielago, and probably be embarrased to drive it. Look at the black car (G24) that is for sale right now on this forum. He is aking $16.5K, and he will be lucky to get that. Selling yours will definately be hard when the time comes, and you will be lucky if you could get half of the money back that you put into it.
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