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  • Benz SL500 Kit

    To whom it may concern,

    I am interested in a Mercedes SL500 Kit for my LeBaron. I just saw this http://adcache.collectorcartraderonl...0/35821190.htm ad and I want to do this, this company has pretty much just added the Benz body right on top of the LeBaron Interior and everything which means little work for me ;D If anyone has any information on this kit, I would like to know about it.


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    Re:Benz SL500 Kit

    Here you go!

    These are the guys that make that kit!


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      Re:Benz SL500 Kit

      I just posted a question the other day under the topic jovi ltd and i was told that they are out of business and i called the co and there is no answer...


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        Re:Benz SL500 Kit

        Try V8Archie, I believe he has molds.


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          Re:Benz SL500 Kit

          i wouldnt be surprised, considering they expact some $12k
          for a car u can make for $2k.
          we just sold our 87 lebaron turbo for $900 so go figure.

          now my favorite part no question is:

          what performance? ours had trouble climbing a hill in 3rd gear
          automatic (you could hear it go to 1st and struggle)

          hahaha, no european downside....hahhahah
          for anyone who doesnt know, ford makes cars that last 200k
          miles max and then break down, of course u can spend your
          life on one car and make it outlast but obviously whats the
          point. mercedes last ALOT more, 350k miles+ without many
          major probs. porsche carreras too here in Los Angeles.

          basically i needed this good wholesome laugh today
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            Re:Benz SL500 Kit

            Yeah...Mercedes is known for making junk, unreliable cars. Ferrari and Lamborghin make cantankerous SLOW cars, and they are shoddily built. Rolls Royce makes junk cars with lousy interior detail. BMW would be okay, if they made a car or two that could handle the corners.

            Did I also mention that I was recently proclaimed Pope/Emperor of the Catholic Church? Bless you all!

            I hereby proclaim that from now on the popemobile will be an 87 Dodge Aries K "Woody" Station wagon!! It will have a Flowmaster for added "zip".
            (The 73 Ford Pinto hit 200K..thanks for the warning!)

            Benidicite domino nominae patre, felits, spirtu sancti,.....Amen!!

            (How many of you remember Latin class??

            Steve (EO1(SCW)USN, MBA, Pope, Emporer, 3rd Assistant Master of all Creation, )

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              Re:Benz SL500 Kit

              My last post was rather disturbing, no?


              87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder


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                Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                hey guys...
                follow up question on the lebaron
                has there ever been a good lebaron made...did they clean up problems in the 95 model...cause i got a line on a 500sl kitcar at a pretty good price if i can decide that the car was decent and not the total p.o.s. posted above earlier...
                any help or input..?

                ps it would be hilarious to have a kit car like this because when someone suspects my ferrari or lambo for being a kit (fake) i just fool em with this


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                  Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                  Just by the real thing for a couple more grand, I'm sorry but those sl 500 kits look like shit, here is some listings from ebay for the real things for under 20 grand. p.s. these cars are listed on regular local newspapers for under 20 grand.


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                    Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                    did you see the other things this guy was selling??


                    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?


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                      Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                      Here's's ugly

                      A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL


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                        Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                        That Bens kit was also made [by someone] to attach to a Mustang, 85-92 style. The V-8 RWD solved the performance problem.
                        And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !


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                          Re:Benz SL500 Kit

                          those fit on a 90's LeBaron, not the older style. I did have a 86 with 4 cyl turbo (600 ES) convertible. It was as fast as a small block v8. The 90s models had a pretty healthy v6. Ive seen some of those done at Carlisle last few years and they look pretty good. Only big difference is the LeBaron soft top folds behind the back seat and has a vinyl boot. Mercedes goes down in a well and has a body color hard cover like Corvette.


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