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Fiero lovers on this forum, GM support at show

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  • Fiero lovers on this forum, GM support at show

    CFOG-I and Michigan Fiero Club are putting on "The 20th anniversary event".

    From Pennocks forum:
    It's official.
    It's definite.
    GM is coming through and participating in the 20th anniversary event... bigtime.
    Here are the cars GM will display on Saturday, July 19...

    * The first Fiero off the line

    * The famous black & yellow '85 Coupe

    * The 4-seat (2 + 2) Fiero

    * The blue PPG car

    * The '87 red turbo Fiero

    * A factory convertible

    * Pontiac's Pace Car

    * The Goodwrench Fiero Pace Car

    And last, but not least (drum roll, please)...

    * The '90 Fiero GTA prototype

    You need to know that this is the FIRST and LAST time all 9 of these will be together in one show!

    You wanted an Event To Remember? You got it! Your presence is what will make it truly memorable. So don't miss out. Make your hotel reservations and get your event registrations in (we need cash to arrange all the trophies, t-shirts, and lots of other expenses).

    Everything that can be done IS being done to make this the biggest thing possible. Be there!

    The '90 Fiero GTA prototype


    Just thought you would like to know if you don't know now.

    Fino<br /><br /><br />The National Kit Car Club.<br />

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    Re:Fiero lovers on this forum, GM support at show

    I'm going to try and have my car up and running by then. I'm hoping I can make some of the events, considering I live in the middle of some them (Barrymore's is to ther east, Pontiac is to the west). I used to drive by the factory occassionally. I thought it would be cool to get a hold of the giant Fiero emblem they had on the building. It's probably gone now...
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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      Re:Fiero lovers on this forum, GM support at show

      Just thought that I would bump this thread up, The event is getting closer. I am planning on being there with my silver coupe, I still need to register though. Are you bringing your car Fino? I was wondering who here is planning on attending and what rebodies might be there.


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        Re:Fiero lovers on this forum, GM support at show

        that fiero gta is nice without a kit it should have gone into full blown production. GM is missing the boat on some great designs and its a shame because of all of the big three gm is my favorite namely chevrolets and pontiacs.


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