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Anyone ever make a Lambroghini LM002 SUV replica? Look at this Range Rover donor!!

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  • Anyone ever make a Lambroghini LM002 SUV replica? Look at this Range Rover donor!!

    heres the famous and rare lm002

    and heres a range rover 95-2002 with the rear section cut open'

    Looks quite similar right?

    The biggest difference is the wheelbase, as the Lambo rear wheel starts after the rear doors, while the RR rear door has a cutout for the wheel. But I think fashioning the LM002 fender flares over the RR can help mask it.

    Seems like all thats needes is to cut out the rear window section, bond on some fender flares and install a new fiberglass front tilt nose/fenders. Basically it could be built in ONE DAY. The interior is similar to Lambo , no frame cuts etc....Why hasnt anyone made a kit like this yet?

    Is anyone here able to make the necessary pieces?

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    maybe its due to the fact the lamb suv looks a bit fugly lol
    only kidding just not the most attractive motor in the world.
    if you wanted to do it you could mock the arches up in MDF quite easily, the doors could be done if you could trim the existing glass down and move the triangular window over to the correct position, you would also have to make new door jams as you would be cutting down the section of rear door to allow you to get the line to run from back of window down to the front of the arch.
    then it would be a case of making some flatter side panels, does not look to be that hard as they are pretty much just slabs.

    It would be more interesting if you were to take current lamb styling cues and size them up to SUV levels (and would not have to worry about copy rite etc)
    any one for sketching a future lamb SUV?


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      I was just gonna build the Halo Warthog Real Life Halo Warthog Replica - YouTube and put Lamborghini badges on it. That thing looks like a Lamborghini.


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