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Infiniti Emerg-E Concept

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  • Infiniti Emerg-E Concept

    Infiniti Emerg-E

    "The concept, called Emerg-E, is a plug-in hybrid, and its complex technolgies come from a panoply of British suppliers. Nissanís European engineering centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire put it all together, under the auspices of the UK Governmentís Technology Strategy Board initiative for low-carbon vehicle research.

    Head of the Cranfield centre, Jerry Hardcastle, doesnít refer to the car as a concept but a prototype. He will make two more runners to prove it all works, and there is a small chance that something not too different might actually make production round about 2016.

    The performance figures are striking enough: 0-60 in 4.0 seconds, with more than 400bhp of electric urge. It weighs only 1,600kg, despite carrying enough battery to travel 30 miles without the engine/generator kicking in. "

    Infiniti Emerg-E sizzles in Switzerland

    It looks great!
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    Yeah, looks nice, but all these hybrids and stuff look the same with those pug like headlights, it just makes me sick.

    We want popups!


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      It would take many years for something like this to come out... I see a 3D model beng made in the next 6 months and a cheap old MR2 donor might just be perfect for it.
      I wish someone has the money and time to go for it.
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        looks like a pagani huayra or something like that but with other body panels but same chassis


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          actually it's built on a lotus evora


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