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Hello guys and girls from Norwich

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  • Jbrown
    welcome, post pics

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  • Impala500
    started a topic Hello guys and girls from Norwich

    Hello guys and girls from Norwich

    Hi guys,
    My name is Mick and I live in the great city of Norwich, It has a lovely coast line and loads of great car clubs around
    Just come across your forum and hope to get some valuable info from you all as time goes on,
    I will be straight with you from the get go and say I'm not building a kit car well not yet anyway I am however building a full custom 1959 Chevy Impala, the only bit to stay the same is the body shape, The chassis is the same shape but both the front and rear are now very different in that I have put a V12 Jag IRS on the back and got rid of the powered ram steering set up and put a powered rack on the front I will also have uprated disk's instead of the drums, The engine is also a bit different in that it is from a Cadillac and is the 8.2 ltr and was from a Ford pop drag racer. Inside the car will be very different once done in that I will have 2 single seats up front from my Audi S8 and the rear's will be from (can't make my mind up on this) The jag XJS I used as parts or from a mates Toyota Soarer, The dash will be full digital with loads of electronics like on board PC for stuff like Sst-Nav, Radio, TV, rear view cameras and what not.
    My 98 Audi S8 is up for grabs if interested and would make a great base to some sort of kit car being 4x4 with the 4.2ltr V8.
    The next project is now also going over in my mind and it will use the V12 and gearbox out of the Jag. I know I'm mad using such big engines all the time but they are great bits of engineering and deserve to be kept on the road don't you think????
    Any way that's a bit about me hope to chat with you all soon

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