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Carlisle Replica and Kitcar Show 2012

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  • Carlisle Replica and Kitcar Show 2012

    Fasten your seatbelts, here we go!!! Carlisle Replica and Kitcar Show was huge this year. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and in the 80s. Jimbo drove his AWESOME IFG Diablo coupe to the meet and EX hauled his DnR Diablo Roadster to the meet from Ohio with his family. As soon as the cars were parked and the door opened, it was non-stop people all Saturday afternoon. Probably the most asked question was "Are these REAL Lamborghinis?". Two more cars (RT's and SeafoodLover's) missed the show by just a few days due to a couple of unfinished items. We hope to have more cars next year. It was truly a great day.


    Jimbo, Jay, RT, Jimbo6.0, Seafoodlover's bro?, and Seafoodlover. EX was present but was out with his family. He is in a following photo.

    EX looking at Wayne's phone pics as Seth looks on. Hope that they have their Replicas at Carlisle next year.

    The Carlisle show could have had 4 cars for our group but 2 missed the event by mere days to completion. Next year look out!
    Once Jimbo and EX opened up their doors, it was non-stop visitors all afternoon. A truly great afternoon in Carlisle, PA.

    More of my Carlisle 2012 pictures can be viewed here:

    Carlisle Show 2012 pictures by lambeiro - Photobucket

    Thanks to Jimbo and EX for bringing their beautiful cars to the show and EX for bringing his lovely wife and 2 kids (who I might add were very well mannered and fun to be around.

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    Awesome pics


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      That was cool.


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        The show had a perfect day and it was great to see guys from our select hobby there.
        I thank Jimbo6.0 for his optimism but, sad to say, I am more than a few days away from completion. I have a long haul to go to be ready for next year's Carlisle. I sure hope I can make it.
        The last picture above shows EX (Jason) on the left, Wayne showing him something on his phone, and Seth scratching his head wondering "what is that?". LOL
        Wayne is an expert on all things video and Seth is in the middle of a couple of fantastic builds.
        Jimbo6.0 has a great build. We want him at Carlisle with his car too.



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          Just a short video. How many of you guys can stand up in your build??? Here is "EX jr. (Weston)" I guess he's the next gen Lambo builder!!! Sign him up and get him a forum nickname.


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