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  • How to make a part

    Need to make some thing long and flat or a cover panel. get a Nylon cutting /chopping board, check your kitchen first, about 1/2 thick and some mill drills.
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    if you can't find a milling machine use your pedestal drill, put mill drill in drill and set drill of a high speed setting, set up guides with steel or timber to stop cutting board moving around mark out the are you want on the board and machine away the plastic to the depth you want. Tip in your resin matting etc or use up old off cuts as fill if the part is to be touched up later, you don't need pva as the nylon has an oily base the part will snap out ok . clamp on to a piece of glass to keep board straight and gives a smooth finish to one side.
    Thicker part tend to take awhile for the resin to go off.

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    Excellent suggestion. I guess another good way for a thicker, smaller part might be to cut one to size, and glue it together, and follow these same proceedures.


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      i am making a vent need pieces about 1 1/4' x 2 wide 3/8 , but can't find a cutting board 1/2" thick so have to make 2 pieces and glue em together and then sand flat .. good way to use up scrap off cuts and bits of old chopped strand like land fill.


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