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How many people bought either Enzo or Zonda from Prototype??

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  • How many people bought either Enzo or Zonda from Prototype??

    I ended up with one of each and I got rid the Enzo without doing anything to it. The fiberglass quality and overall quality of both of mine are amaturish at best. Anyway, I was wondering how many there are out there??? If you don't want to post, PM me. If you know someone that has one, PM me. Again, I'm just trying to figure out how many. For instance, I know there was an Enzo that went to Florida, one to fill-up, one to jrslyrics. I don't know of any other Zondas but mine. I don't even really care who, just a number.

    Anyway, no real reason other than trying to figure out how many there are, no agenda...


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    Would love to have a zonda body.
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      Nicktruman has a zonda see his build thread

      He Is in the uk

      I only know about the three enzos you do from prototype. But there were also a couple homebuilt ones in Europe . I think chris pongpitaya in Thailand may have built them too. These people rarely post online


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        I got a couple of PM's I'm up to an estimated 5 Prototype Enzo's and 2 Proto zonda's so far. If anyone thinks of more, post or PM me.


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