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NCKCC Car show in Concord CA

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  • NCKCC Car show in Concord CA

    I have been going to the NCKCC car show for 20 years now. This years show was by far the smallest at about 25 cars, but the best in the cars that showed up. The trend of tube chassis cars taking over rebodies was never so present. Most cars were purpose build machines with incredible build qualities. The only down side would be the cost have gone up. There were very few cars built in the under $30k range. I will post some pictures soon.

    I really wanted to bring my car this year, but with the interior ripped out of it and I am still working on the engine, it was not meant to be. There were 4 of us in the official "excuse why my car is not here" spot.

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    Wish I had known about this , I would have brought my 355 and met you!!


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      Me too. I live in Vacaville & work in Alameda. Maybe we can have a micro-meet sometime?


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        I am ready!!

        How about Hayward or san leandro marina like the old nkcc show ?

        I think there's a couple more kit owners in the bay area we can round up. I think there's a guy in Oakland , his mm screename was modena iirc


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