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    I checked out the car today well it is better then 90 percent of the 355 kits out there but had its share of flaws.Being that the suspension was all stock besides eibachs it did ride like an 88 Pontiac.It was the silly looking 2 piece roof but only the cheap latches were broke and not that hard of a fix.The flaws were the basic cheesy overall fit an finsh of the interior and the speedo and tach were useless.The doors rubbed a tiny bit when opening but looks some adjustment could fix that.The alignment of the hood was less then perfect and vibrated a little.Oh the heat and AC didnt work so good which didnt bother me so much.I offered 11k and hes holding out for $13.5k.The car really is sexy to look at and maybe to the untrained eye or some non kit car guy who has a few bucks I think its a small chance he could get it.The poor kid paid $26k 6 years ago for it on an impulse buy and is trying to keep his losses to a minumum which I can repect.Ill keep you posted if he changes his mind I wouldnt mind having it as a project for 11


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      He might find someone to give him 13 for it, but it'll be a long shot and he'll have to wait an awful long time for that guy to come around. The two piece top looks like one of Funnywheels earlier attempts. He's since made a much better top (well documented for the rest of us). So, it's not the end of the world, but definitely effects the price of the sale. He paid WAY too much for it and he's better off taking the 11 you offered today. Every day he waits the dollar is devalued even more and will buy less. So 13K three years from now will buy about the same thing 11K would today. I think your offer was a good one and if you ended up paying more, you'd have serious buyer remorse.


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        I would offer him $11,500.00 an he can eat the other 2000.00 on trying to get half his money back , if he has a clear title i would show him the money , an leave with that car ...simple 6 years ago those were some of the best an most accurate 355 replica components available ,body kit,with correct front an rear bumper , rims & tires , seats, interior , rear lights ,front grill , an a extended windshield was 700.00 / tray an the fact that it has a convertible top period ,i would offer $11,500.00 an not a penny more ....then fix all the bugs as weekend projects ...while i drive the shi* out of it , regardless as to what others say about replica s the enjoyment come from owning something unique an no others in your area, have anything close , drive it an have fun doing so.
        In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!


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          Thanks for all the advice much appreciated I will take it all into consderation


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            Well I took home the car at what I think was a fair price.I gave it a nice detail and shes looking great.A few things bother me mainly the mirrors and the shabby front grill but ItalianKnightrider is getting me a legit one and Im on the hunt for some real f355 mirrors.Man these cars rattle a lot any remedies?Will the Wide track make a big difference and where can I find some more info on it?My main goal is suspension I want it to ride as good as it looks?


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              I am glad to see this car get a good home. I thought it was a pretty good looking car. There are a ton of bad replicas out there, but good ones don't seem to come up very often.

              I don't know the whole history, but I think the widetrack suspensions used to be built by Held Motorsports. I believe Held was bought out by Erik Hanba at West Shore Fabricators. Thats where I got mine from. It looks like now it is something like Aurraut Motorsports, but still looks like the same stuff.

              Suspension Information | Arraut Motorsports | AMS | HT Motorsports | West Shore Fabricators | Custom & Specialty Car Parts | Fiero | W-Body | J-Body | Kit Car | Honda

              It is expensive, but there are a lot of great options with this suspension.
              1. You can order it wider than stock so that you do not have to use wheel spacers
              2. you can get drop spindles to lower the ride of the car without screwing up suspension geometry
              3. you can get a really nice matching brake setup with 13" drilled rotors all the way around. After spending a few bucks on caliper covers, they looked wicked bad.
              4. you can order the hubs with custom bolt patterns (at a cost) so that you can use the wheels of your choice
              5. it looks SWEET

              Here are a couple pictures of mine after I got them installed.
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                Thanks for the info and by and Id love to see more pics of your build.How does your car ride any tighter/quieter?


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                  Originally posted by Skrilla000 View Post
                  Thanks for the info and by and Id love to see more pics of your build.How does your car ride any tighter/quieter?
                  Ha! In my mind it handles great... but I haven't put the engine in yet so it is still sitting in the garage!

                  Here is the stuff I have posted on my build so far.

                  I have more done than this, but haven't posted an update for a while.


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                    I've been reading through the 355 forums for years now, and now that I'm finally close to getting oneI love the Ferrari cars because Its look stylish and beautiful.
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