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Ferrari CALIFORNIA on NISSAN 350z kit available for 6,5k Euro !

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  • Ferrari CALIFORNIA on NISSAN 350z kit available for 6,5k Euro !

    Hi guys , i dont post often here but i think this is worth it
    i recently visited FGP site and saw that they have made a Ferrari California KIT for the nissan 350z , i dont know how to upload pictures for you to see , i dont know how to show you pictures, am i allowed to leave their website address here ?? am not advertising them or anything .if any of you know their website ,visit it and check the pics and give me your opinions ,is it accurate or way off ?
    here is how they describe their kit details : the kit below costs 6500 euro , lights are sold seperatly and cost 1500 euro for all lights , also they offer interior kit for 1000 euro but its not ready for sale,they are working on it.
    Nissan 350Z F California replica kitcar Bodykit

    Our Kit is based on the Nissan 350z Coupe 2002 - 2008

    Their are no Frame cutting or welding neccessary !!!!!!!!

    Our New FGP California Kit is designed for a great look and the easiest way ever to build.

    You should have knowledge about cars to do this conversion, but you do not need to be a welder or mechanic to do it good and fast.

    The Kit is designed to complete it even for beginners within maximum ONE week. ( plus painting )

    We developed this kit to build easy, fast, with fun and no extra investment.

    This kit consist of every screw and bit you will need to build-- by side of, the Nissan 350z ( which can have some damages at the outside, because the panels are going to be replaced ) Wheels - tyres - Spacers - lights and if you wish the Interior kit.

    Our kit consist of


    -Front fender left

    -Front fender right


    - Rear fender left

    - Rear fender right

    Front hood


    Rearlid lower cover

    Front diffuzor

    Rear diffuzor

    Door left

    Door right


    A- Pillar left

    A- Pillar right

    Rockerpanel left

    Rockerpanel right

    Side glass covers rear


    Mirror glass

    Mounting brakets

    Door handles

    Door handles brakets

    Front grill

    Front hinges

    Rear Hinges

    Wheel arches

    Screws and bolts set

    Builde Lesson DVD

    Sizes after completing conversion

    Length 4,56meter

    Width 1,91meter

    Hight 1,33meter

    We do offer RHD and LHD Interior packages

    Our kit fit on a RHD as well as on a LHD car

    Lights set and interior kit you find separate.

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    is it my eyes or does that look horrible?


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      Horrible?? No. Accurate???

      Very nice build, just chose the wrong donor. Needed something like a Corvette - 2 seater, front engined, rwd, with the cab farther back.

      Pics scattered in here:


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        yea thats what i thought also ,it looks acceptable in the front but in the back its kindof strange,but with decent rims and paint job maybe it wont look this horrible, i think they tried to do a very easy do it yourself kit like DNA for beginners and inexperienced builders , but we always knew that FGP splash kits,they have extreme kit splashed and also DNA one i think ,also the Aston martin from someone in usa,but this new kit i dont know from who they splashed,maybe they designed it themselves, the front .


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          i'm kinda diggin it


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            I like it!


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              Posted two months ago here



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                yea didnt notice, as i dont log on here much , thanks for the link , does anyone know if the kit is realy produced by FGP ? because on this forum they were always accused of stealing others work , the kit looks very ok and if its realy very easy to do in a week ,and with 6,5k euro for all bits and pieces, i think its a pretty fast and cheap kit to build,and the donor car is already powerful and reliable.


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                  I guess it would be cool if you weren't trying to build a California rep.... but it would be cheaper to put a body kit on a Z and not have people go wtf is that ...just my 2 cents


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