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How much do you reckon a set of F40 molds are worth or a kit ?

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  • How much do you reckon a set of F40 molds are worth or a kit ?

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Name:	IMG00117-20130124-1427.jpg
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ID:	389052Hi there people
    Ill just cut straight to the chase i have a friend with a set of Ferrari F40 molds taken from the original car
    (not the set made for the MR2 SW20).
    They are 100% from the actual car and you can use the original Ferrari 308 windscreen so i have been told.
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Name:	IMG00104-20130124-1418.jpg
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    I know the F40 is getting on a bit now but with the Toyota MR-S having and identical wheelbase and the F40 molds including the complete roof section it could be a matter of cutting out the windscreen and pillars of the MR-S and fitting a roll cage to accommodate the F40 kit (I will upload some pics once the weather eases up a bit).
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Name:	IMG00099-20130124-1414.jpg
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    Was wondering how much should he ask for as he is on the fence about sticking them up for sale on eBay and various sites.
    Or if he was considering selling as kits how much should he ask for ?
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    Based in the UK
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    Thanks for any input.
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    Go for it mate you will have a Q for the kit stick up some pictures


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      This will be very good news for some members. You sell molds o a body kit? When you can, please post photos.

      The best donnor is a F308/328 and stretch chassis. If you know anyone that buy those molds and sell a body, he can do a very good deal.

      Because I haven't money now. If I have I will buy it



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        I donno UK Currency that well enough but if they where here in the states and molded off an original F-40. They could be worth big $$$. Like 10k or so. You could turn around and sell them for a decent price to. I wouldn't advise using a real Ferrari 308 or 328 unless you can find one that only needs body work. Otherwise id be looking for a nice Fiero or MR2 to do the build on.


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          Could you post the images of Quarterpanel? And another of front bumper where can see ir complete? Regards


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            post will only let me upload 5 images.
            I'm going to try and bolt the whole thing together as one unit but some of the bolts are rusted which hold each panel together. Once i have the time ill cut them off and bolt it together.


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              When you can please reply To my PM


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                Wish he would respond.


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                  Hi all,

                  Sorry for draggin this thread up but i only just saw it, The molds pictured are not from an original f40. These are the molds the my father and myself first started with then sold on, they were taken off a 308 shell that was modified into an f40 shape. You can see what comes out of these molds on the first page of my thread, the red body before we spent years modifying it to be accurate.


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