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brand new to the kit car world, Just got a Testarossa, looking for info, and guidance

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  • brand new to the kit car world, Just got a Testarossa, looking for info, and guidance

    as the title says, i just got a testarossa kit car. my body guy had it, and gave it to me for some help ive been giving him. its built on a fiero. i haven't gotten it home from his house yet so i haven't gone through it to get any more info yet, and more importantly, pictures for everyone. anyways, ive been doing the muscle car thing for a while, so im not unfamiliar with cars but the mid engine, fiberglass thing is a black hole to me. anyways, got a few questions for you gents, so i dont feel so over my head with this.

    first, any way to tell what kind/manufacturer kit ive got?
    how can i tell that its done right (with steel, wavyness, thick body filler and bad welds are obvious and easy to find, im not sure how to examine a fiberglass car for bad body work)? how can i tell if the car's been stretched and if its been stretched correctly so its not going to collapse on itself?

    because its a kit, i know i cant just go to a parts store for replacement pieces. (its missing a couple) are there any standard car parts that i can use? ie: ive heard 88 nissan sentra taillights are a good fit, any other cars that pieces can be used from?

    as for condition: paint is faded chaulky pinkish orange (basically red that has been sitting in a yard for 8 years), wind shield is smashed, no seats, missing right tail light lens and grill, missing gas cap door, and there are various minor cracks and gouges in the fiberglass. so its going to need to be completely gone through.

    any good resources? websites, magazines, build threads, pictures etc etc. it seems i cant find a whole lot on testarossa kit cars. but plenty of info on other kit cars. are these more rare or something?

    any ways, im looking forward to the wealth of knowledge you guys can throw at me.

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    Welcome to the world of kit cars

    Once you post some photographs for us to look at. I’m sure you will be getting all kinds of suggestions and advice. Since it was built on a Fiero (most were) you shouldn’t have much trouble finding running gear parts. Other parts that you may need may be found from other members or modified from junk yard parts.

    Take some photos and let’s see what you got to work with!
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      Hello all, ok so i picked up the car this weekend. in response to my own post, filling in the details. its an 88 fiero formula. automatic, with the 2.8 v6.
      clearly its not stretched but the overall car itself has a good length, which means they added material to make up for it. as you can see, the nose looks pretty stupid as its too long. i believe its a testarossa kit that grafts on to the original fiero parts, and not a whole body, which is why its just not pleasing dimensionally.

      its not as bad as some testarossa body kits ive seen, but its still just wrong subtly that keeps it from having good lines, so i have alot of work to do to get it looking right. heres a few pictures from where it sat for about 8 years, and one of it at its new home in my driveway:

      someone on my trans am forum said it perfectly " it looks like a 12 year old drew what he thought a testarossa looked like"
      my plans: get rid of or shorten the nose extension, to bring the nose back closer to the front edge of the hood. then ill probably lower the back side of the roof , and extend the roof "fins" (what would you call these?) all the way to the end of the deck lid. this will look to have a smooth curve from the windshield all the way through the back of the car, and not changing angles suddenly like it does now. the rear fins get in the way of looking in the engine bay though, so im thinking about molding them into the deck lid, and move the hinges up to the roof line. then have the whole roof fins, and deck lid open as one (more like a real testarossa) so there's plenty of space to get in there. also id remove all of the badging, i think kit cars are really cool, but when its this far off, id rather drive a cool "custom fiero" then a fake and not even close ferrari. and if my plans all come out like crap, i already have a donor car to start a different kit car build on, one of the modern ones with 1 piece bodies that are nice and proportional, instead of the graft on style kits like this is.

      as for drive train, i'd like a porsche G50 trans axle, so i can put something bigger , longitudinally mounted, either a bmw v12 or something like an ls1. i like to work on my engines, and having one bank of cylinders buried next to the back window because its transverse mounted, just seems inconvenient to me.

      ive also thought about putting the stretch into the engine bay and extending the back of the car a bit. (or should i keep the long hood, but bring the front end forward?) the way it is now, the length is nice for the style of the car, but the nose looks rediculous, so i can work the extra length in behind the rear window and eliminate the "trunk space" behind the engine.

      anyways, id love to hear your thoughts and ideas, as well as advice. if it was your car what would you do with it? ive never had a mid-engine car before so some of this is kinda of like working on a space ship for me. but im really excited to start messing around with it.


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        Let me know if you need any help. I have a TR replica I have owned for about 7 years now. You can see the thread it is listed under 1988 Ferrari Testarossa for sale.Click image for larger version

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