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Please Be Careful Doing Business With Peggyontherunireland

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  • Please Be Careful Doing Business With Peggyontherunireland

    Let me start this with the fact that I really hate posting this. I really tried to work with Sean to get this settled but he will not follow through with his promises and he no longer replies to my email or PMs.
    On February 19th this year I contacted Peggyontherunireland (Sean Doyle) about purchasing a Ferrari VIN plate and decals. We agreed on a price and I sent him $110 via Paypal on February 21st. That is where the problems started. On March 5th I send him an email asking how long I should expect before getting the parts. He tells me 2 weeks. On April 5th I email and ask whatís up and he tells me my VIN is being printed and that his equipment was stolen which caused the delay. He also says that he has purchased new equipment and that I should have my parts in 2 weeks.
    On April 24th I contact him again and he tells me his equipment blew up and he has new equipment on order. On May 17th I see that Sean is posting on Madmechanics and trying to sell someone else a VIN plate. On May 19thI contact him again and he tells me that the equipment was stolen along with the laptop with the VIN information and he is dealing with insurance to get it replaced but that my VIN is at a friendís getting printed and that I will have it soon. So I am getting 3 different stories here about why my parts havenít been shipped. On June 20th I contact him again and he tells me that he has had knee surgery but that the VIN is printed and that his girlfriend will ship it. On July 15th I ask where my parts are but no reply. So far I have no reply, no refund and no parts. Sean has never contacted me to let me know about delays or problems. I always have initiated contact and he always has an excuse for why things are delayed. I feel that I have given him every opportunity to resolve this but he will not follow through. Please be carefull doing business with Sean.

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    Wow, five months! That's a lot of time. Did you ask for a refund? If so, what did he say?


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      I asked him for a refund a couple of times but he said that he had a lot of time into the VIN and didn't want to refund.


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        That's unacceptable
        If you've received nothing he needs to refund you


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          I paid him $80.00 USD for 2 Replica Ferrari Keys in February 2013. After checking on the status of my order several times, in April 2013, he said that the keys were made and shipped. Well it's July 2013 and I still have not received the keys???



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            Sorry to hear the stories,I have had a bad experience with him as well,and he didnt attempt to make good.


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              Yikes, sorry to hear all that. I had a good business deal with him.
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                Guys, he is making a car with bottle caps and spray cans.

                No wonder he is ripping people off.

                Perhaps he needs all the money for his monster energy drinks.


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                  This is why forums are vital - I am a newbie here but have thousands of posts on a range of forums. From time to time, people overstate their capabilities (no surprise there) and at times people attempt to steal from others. My work involves designing and making period-architectural interiors. I get stuff wrong all the time because what I do looks more like prototyping than anything else and that means constant course corrections. Anyone who builds, rebuilds or repairs things knows what I am talking about.

                  Anyway, making errors is never the problem (unless injury or worse is involved) - its what we do next... Deposits are almost always spent on materials etc. and is simply gone in the event that a customer is unhappy with a result. That said, making good is what matters - I've had to refund money to three clients in 12 years. One was reasonable in my opinion. One was to get a PITA out of my life and the other was the stereotypical rich guy making everyone else pay for his change of heart.

                  I urge SEAN to make good no matter what it takes. It makes for a far better story than people spending their considerable talents and time to mess you up, especially when your murci is so VERY easy to identify. That's if the car is his in the first place.


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                    looks like another member got scammed from dna forums. anyone care for some chuppachups.....


                    on a serious note, I can't imagine why someone would ruin his reputation over a hundred bucks.... sure he's in Ireland not USA, but with everything showing up on forums and social media, it doesn't matter where you're at....

                    It it was me I'd just do the right thing and refund the money, a hundred bucks is not worth it to ruin ones self....
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                      I am happy to post that Sean did come through with the parts. He was very apologetic for all of the delays.


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