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  • Ash Mart 4 door

    Hi Im new to this forum and needed help finding a close enough sedan donor for a kit I could incorporate an ash mart kit from cki (don't judge I'm a beginner) Obviously the door panels would have to be scrapped but I see potential in the front fascia/back bumper that's included in the kit. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    ??? Not sure what you mean

    Are you interested in re-building the entire Ash Mart kit and sizing different 4 door sports sedans until you fit a potential rebuild of the existing Ash Mart donor
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      What do you want the replica 4 door to look like , the Rapide?


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        Originally posted by rudyallan View Post
        ??? Not sure what you mean

        Are you interested in re-building the entire Ash Mart kit and sizing different 4 door sports sedans until.. you fit a potential rebuild of the existing Ash Mart donor
        In short yes. I feel these along with some new custom fabricated parts can represent a cool interpretation of yes the Rapide


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          The AshMArt kit was moulded off the old shape vanquish.
          It's a very different body shape to the Rapide.
          You'd be better off finding a mould taken from a Vantage, then using that plus DB9 parts (bumpers etc) to make your Rapide Replica.
          Otherwise you're just making a 4 door old vanquish replica.

          Which still might be interesting.


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            Yes Stevewushu but what donors would you suggest for either one (you know where I'm going) at excellent, good, and fair representations of this concept?


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              An RX-8 has the same wheelbase as the original vanquishat 106" with the distance between front wheel arch and front screen nice and long which is very aston style (to fit the side strake), it also has 4 doors that could be altered to become a traditional 4 door. It's roofline isn't too bad but would need some work. Front engined, RWD. Fairly cheap now too.
              Perhaps Audi A5 4 door? but a bit pricier.

              If you're using the AshMart kit then you really need to consider the roofline more than anything as this kit doesn't change any part of the roof. And Astons have a very distinct roofline. Every replica of an aston I've seen (with exception to the one-77 replica) has a terrible roofline and far too vertical windscreen rake that they oooooooooze of fake fake fake.

              Ideally, buy a new shape jag xk. Extend the wheelbase and retro fit to be 4 doors. Purchase and modify the kit (the only AM kit available now?) and try!


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                I see. After looking over your choices I would put 1.Audi 5 (I guess first year prod with cool roofline for least expensive) 2.Jag XK (I imagine that stretch being hell coupled with the door) but it sounds and looks good in theory 3. RX-8 this car would be a cool concept again the doors. I would feel partly guilty in destroying their cool "take my little arm it's the strong one" back door. But I would for the sake of the project. Stretch too. All could be supercars


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                  Maybe a VW Passat CC would work.
                  There are a couple on eBay UK under 7000 atm.



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                    Yes this too but I'm looking for something less expensive. I could use a few layovers like that guy ArashB used for a few vehicles like the grand prix (last 2) 745Li and 2000 maxima for the concept but you would have to assume the look of the kit or use the rapide for a reference.


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                      I would be very interested to find something as slick at the Mazda 929 but of all the sedan donors Ive played with in the past, this one has the lowest roofline. Could there be anything closer to this?

                      Last time I used this donor for a Lambo Sedan with no cutting of the trunk.

                      It would also be nice to see a mix of these two designs, which not only looks good, but will also be not subject to copyright laws for open kit sales.
                      (Photoshop not integrated into 929 donor which makes it a bit bulky with the stock roof line)

                      edit - If you guys can find investors or make a KickStarter page for this idea, I would make it with my homemade CNC machine.
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                        Nice donor choice. That was exactly what I was thinking toward. Roof cut is all it seems to need.


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                          The photoshops in the first set of pictures only modifies the trunk area, the rest is a rebody with no roof cutting needed unless one wanted an exact and curvy slope on the A-pillar.

                          The original Aston layover design was modified a bit to fit the donor, but it pretty much keeps the original look.
                          Follow my designs on Facebook fan pages.:cool: [url][/url]


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