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Lancia Stratos Kit with Northstar V8?

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  • Lancia Stratos Kit with Northstar V8?

    Well, been dreaming of building a kit my hole life, and always waned to build a Lotus 7 variant. But I just can not git over the looks of the Stratos. Although VERY nontraditional, and on paper, it seems to me that a Stratos kit with a Northstar would fly! People cram them into MKII MR-2's just fine... why not? Have not looked it up, but the weight should be within a hundred pounds or so between the engine options. They are also cheap, readily available, and could just about make up for the shipping costs. If I could find some one willing to give me the measurements of there Stratos frame, I would build my own, and order only body panels, lighting, trim, and accessories; alowing for an affordable option in my situation...
    Just thinking out loud.... what do you think?

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    If you're going to get a northstar drivetrain make sure its from a 2004+ car as the earlier ones have head gasket problems


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      uk models use the 3ltr from an alfa romeo, very light and fast, plus they fit in the hole! Not sure about the USA but a good alfa can be picked up for 500 complete as a donor. My mate's father inlaw is building a Stratos rep as we speak, the aftermarket bits for the engine has made this job fairly easy.


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        Any chance you could git ahold of detailed measurements of ... well everything. The frame alone is 15,000 USD, and shipping is ~5,000. 04 up have VVT correct? Looking more tword the smaller 4.6, but any help would be appreciated


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          the 2004-2012 4.6 FWD northstar out of a Deville/DTS is the revised version of the 1993-2003 version that had head gasket problems. Its the same small 4.6 No VVT.


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