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How to attach roof and quarter, and seal from water?

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  • How to attach roof and quarter, and seal from water?

    Maybe I'm not visualizing it right, but if you were to do a replica on so and so car, and remove everything including the sheet metal quarter panel (and sometimes goes into the roof rail/A-pillar) how do you attach the new body style? Preferably "bolt on" quarter panel. I'm guessing you would have to still bond the roof/a-pillar due to being under the windshield, but what about water leaks with a "line" between the door opening areas of the roof rail/skin and the quarter panel (bolted on at that pointed not bonded)??

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    Any insight?


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      What kind of replica have seen that uses the existing windshield?


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        I've never seen a car that has the front quarter panel attached to the windshield A-pillar (?) A fiero has a tar & rope seal under the roof section and A-pillar. You can get this new at AutoZone, etc. They also have thin metal drip rails along the a-pillar and across the roof over the side windows.

        In any case, when you attach a kit body, you should use foam "camper-top" insulation - it will keep out leaks and stop squeaks. You could also bond the seams where the kit attaches to the steel for looks and also leaks. The inner frame isn't completely sealed anyway, i think. When cars were steel people needed to get them undercoated or rust-proofed; modern cars are built with metal that doesn't rust out like the old ones. Just make sure you don't leave unsealed places where water can run inside the passenger compartment, or front & rear trunks.
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