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    I am new to kits period. I am wanting to build a 47 -54 Chevy pickup and am not seeing any sites where I can purchase the kit to build one. Are there any out there. I am looking for something my father and I can do together (he's 74). Anyway I want something that they send you in shipments and we build from the ground up. Thank you in advance for your thoughts/input. If there are any suggestions on anything else please let me know. This is something we just started discussing today so we are completely green! Another consideration for us was a 55 Chevy.

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    47-54 Chevy Truck

    you can mix and match front ends to get the head light style you like
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      Hello Dave1179, Welcome to the forum ! There are several companies that make kits for truck and also 55-57 Chevy's. The est way to find these companies is to go to Kit Car List of Auto Manufacturers It will take some time but you can find what you are looking for. Sometimes the contact info or website is out of date , but you can then Google the company and get some current info. Good Luck and if you have any questions about any of the companies you can also ask a question here , there's a lot of experience on this forum.


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        I'm sure if you search the net and hotrod magazines you will come accross some. Although if it were me, I would look into a real steel one to restore. Another option would be to find a old steel cab and put it on an S-10 drivetrain if you want somthing more modern.
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          Thank you very much. I am researching as much as I can. I have yet to find a step by step kit for a truck. I may go with a t-bucket and when that is completed move on to piece mealing a truck together.


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            Just stumbled upon this post as I was looking for truck rebuild. any thread here that features suspension build? I'm planning to put on new lift kits and change rims to 20 and put on some 35" tires. If i go with 6 inch lifts, should i extend my brake lines?


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              check ebay too, I see them here and there
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                Here are the ones I have in my DB. Not sure if any of them are making kits anymore or if they are even what you want.



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