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New to the fourms, would like more information on Vaydor

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  • New to the fourms, would like more information on Vaydor

    Hello everyone, this is my first post to the madmechanics fourms, although I have been lurking for a little over a year now. In the next year or so i'm planning to start my first kitcar build and would like to know more about the vaydor g35. They seem to have very limited amounts of information available on their website so i figured Id use this as an excuse to finally make a post. A few questions I have are :

    What is the pricing of the vaydor kit (exterior only)
    What is the required level of experience to assemble the vaydor kit (I'm a CS and engineering major, so no mechanical skill here)
    What is a reasonable full build estimate for the vaydor?
    Is there a turnkey service for the vaydor available, and if so how much?

    I'm sorry if my questions seem misguided, but I would really appreciate yalls answers. Thank you in advance

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    Welcome to the forum.

    My opinion is to call Matt directly and ask these same question as he would be the person to best answer these for you. His number is posted in both his threads.

    What you will get with these questions from everyone else is, possibly, the correct initial price but then a" spirited" discussion of what a Vaydor really costs to build....... I have watched the same discussion over on another Vaydor build thread.

    Honestly, call Matt and he can answer all your questions and from what I have seen, is very willing to do so.

    Good luck with your build when you start and post here to share....

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      Welcome to the Forum! lol im also new on here. But i joined the forum for a similar reason. The vaydor caught my attention when it was built on the g35 chassis. Im a Nissan Enthusiast so this definitely caught my attention. Not to mention Mikes Porsche Gemballa Kit. Im on several of the Nissan mechanical forums but i would like to expand my skills. I would love to build the Vaydor on a TT VQ billet engine.
      Like i said I would like a place to start. My skill in body work would be novice to intermediate. I've worked with basic body kits but nothing big. Dont mean to hijack your post.


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        I cant really seem to get in contact with matt from Vaydor. I've tried his (real) email and phone multiple times. Does he no longer produce the kit or accept orders?


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