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Looking for Help / Guidance - 1955 Thunderbird Kit Car (IN PIECES)

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  • Looking for Help / Guidance - 1955 Thunderbird Kit Car (IN PIECES)

    I'm looking to see if anyone can send me in the right direction.
    I have just inherited a "Kit Car" - still in a kit format, all pieces in boxes or wrapped brand new. This is a 1955 Thunderbird convertible.
    (No Engine.)
    I'm looking to find out where I can go to determine what its value is so that I can sell it to someone who can truly appreciate it for the true beauty it can be.

    If anyone knows where I can go to research this, it would be so much appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    If you don’t already know. Research and try to find out who made the kit. This can be a big help determining it’s approximate value. There had been a handful of outfits through the years who made copies of the old Tbirds. Some are much better and more complete than others. If you just have a bunch of fiberglass body panels, no assembly instructions, chrome or other accessories, It’s probably not worth very much.

    Looking through Ebay and Craigslist may also be usefull
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      Here is one of the better T-bird manufacturers:


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        The value is whatever you can sell it for.


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