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  • Fiero / Phoenix FWD Transmission

    Hey guys.
    I have a problem with the trans in my car and I need to know what to do.

    I have a 1982 Pontiac Phoenix with the 4-speed Muncie transmission.

    I plan on replacing both the motor and transmission on my car but I don't know how.

    Problem is the 4-sp muncie has a cable clutch, and the muncie getrag 282 has the hydraulic clutch.

    Is there any way I can keep my cable clutch and STILL get 5-speeds? Did they make any MG282s where I could pull the trans off the bellhousing? Maybe keep my old bellhousing and slap a new trans on it?

    For that matter did the Isuzu 5-sp ever come in cable actuated clutch? or is there a way to modify it to be cable actuated?

    Any help here is really appreciated because at this point I am 100% lost.

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    PontiacJack, swap the engine and trans, then take the cable off and throw it away. Get a Girling clutch master cylinder at any auto parts store. They were used on half of everything ever made and should be $50 or less. You can also use Wilwood's copy of it, #260-1304. Modify the cable mount at the pedal to accept the master cylinder, should be very simple. Run a hydraulic line from the new master cylinder to the slave cylinder that came on the trans and you are done. Make sure the master cylinder is located where you can put fluid into it, you may need a remote reservoir kit, again a common item.


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      So I take it there's no way to save my cable clutch?
      Bummer, I liked the Snappiness it had..... I always thought of hydraulic clutches as just one more thing to leak lol.

      So I f I DO have to replace it with hydro, what, if anything, should I do to the ratcheting adjustment thingy on my clutch pedal?


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        Yes, you can save the cable. I showed you the $50 way to do it, but you can do it the $500 way. I am not sure the "Snappiness" is worth an extra $450, I am not sure that there is a dollar worth of difference between the two operation methods. If you do convert to hydraulic, you replace the ratcheting thingy on the pedal with the ratcheting thingy on the new master cylinder. If the slave cylinder on the new transmission is push instead of pull, the cable method could cost even more.
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