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Thoughts on best base for Testarossa replica?

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  • Thoughts on best base for Testarossa replica?

    Just found this forum as I was searching info on what car to use as base for TR replica.
    Building TR replica has been in my thoughts for a long time and now decided that build is on.
    I live in Finland and car to use for donation and what to do to it is a bit restricted as good base car might not be easy to find and engine mods are quite restricted along with what you can do with ride height, track width, tyre size etc. But have to do best with what I got.
    What are you guys thoughts for base car?

    Fiero is obviously one but wheelbase and overall length are quite shorter along with few other seemingly smaller proportions. Good is RWD with engine on back.

    Ford Probe 2gen is another one to use for base. 2.5l engine can be turboed, quite easy to get running 0-60 around 6secs. Good is measures are close (except body height), most disturbing faults include wrong side window profile along with roof profile but roof can be lowered from back. FWD with engine front, BAD!

    Any other suggestions?

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    As always..My suggestion is Toyota Mr2 spyder W30(1999-2007).Mid-engine, rwd.


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      The best base would be a full tube chassis but the intensity of that kind of project is a lot more than most builders want to deal with. I would be looking into a heavily damaged or burned 355 or 348 ferrari but I don't know how available those are to you in Finland.


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        No Ferraris in Finland except handful of working ones. MR2 is available, have to add that to consideration.
        Not much of bases to choose if one wants to build rear or mid engine rear wheel drive replica.


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          You have porsche boxter too
          Now building in Mooresville NC


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