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Mystery: Who built my Countach replica?

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  • Mystery: Who built my Countach replica?

    Hi folks,
    I'm a long time-lurker and first time poster.
    I've been a long time fan of replicas. My first was a 308 replica project that I bought around 20 years ago.
    I like long walks on the beach by myself...
    ...ok, enough about me!

    I have recently bought a "completed" Countach replica from Washington state (not DC, the other Washington!)
    The WA seller was an older gentleman who knew very little about it other than he bought it from an even older, retired "Master Mechanic" in Maryland who took many years to build it (so I was told).
    The title I got said it was previously registered in Virginia, so close enough to Maryland I guess.
    I received no paperwork other than the build photos, no receipts, no diary, no schematics, no nothing.

    I was told that this retired "Master Mechanic" finished it to the point where it was ready for the interior and final paint.
    The Maryland builder apparently passed away shortly after he sold it to the last WA owner I bought it from.

    Here's the thing, the care and attention to detail in the mechanical build of this car is amazing, which makes me want to know more about this build and builder.

    List of clues that may help identify the build/builder:
    -Car is based on a properly stretched 1986 Fiero.
    -I don't know the brand of the kit, but it is a 25th anniversary model with a proper curved windshield. Car looks dimensionally perfect.
    -The kit may have had originally a red gel coat, but possibly primered black later (or left in red gel coat).
    -The wheels and tires are the Compomotive brand and same size as the factory Countach.
    -Side windows are plastic but are power windows that roll up and down a couple of inches, like the real Countach.
    -All doors/hatches have beefy hinges and line up/open/close beautifully.

    -It has a Corvette LT1 motor in the correct Countach orientation, mated up to one of those Toronado/Cadillac automatic transaxles (I haven't figured out which one yet).
    -The exhaust is beautifully done, attached to a set of Flow-tech headers.
    -It has this beautiful set of polished aluminum intake tubes that are routed to the Countach rear scoops, along with a pair of oil coolers.
    -Those top side rear scoops are removable as one big panel on each side to access the coolers and change the air filters.
    -Every single nut and bolt in the engine compartment, suspension, brakes, etc. looks absolutely brand new (although a little dusty).
    -Every hose is wrapped in braided wire and finished in red anodized caps.
    -There is a custom X-brace under the car that looks very solid.
    -Mechanically, and from underneath, it has show quality potential.

    When the WA owner bought it from the Maryland builder, he farmed it out to a shop in WA to do a quick "custom" interior (think resto-mod) and wrap the body instead of properly painting it. He just wanted it finished so he could drive it.

    What I'm saying is that the interior and body finish are not at the same level of quality/care/attention to detail as the rest of the car....

    I'm hoping that based on the above description and photos, someone can help identify the car's history?
    If not, I'm going to start posting photos to honor this builder who I think was brilliant!

    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

    PS. Seems I can't add photos...
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    Replica frame steel fabricator required

    Hi guys Iím looking for steel tubes all various shapes measured in inches. Does anyone knows where can I buy measured in inches in the UK?


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      Trying to add an image...
      <img src="">


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        Will try as well. The way to do it is:

        - Put you cursor in the location in your reply that you want an image. The image will be placed at the cursor location
        - Copy the link as you normally do from your hosting site
        - Click the Insert Image button up on the menu above. It is third from the right
        - It opens as if you are going to upload an image but you can't any more. Click on the From URL tab
        - Insert your link in the text box
        - Make sure you unclick the download image check box under the text box.
        - Hit enter.
        - The image should show up in your reply at the location of your cursor.

        I just took your image and did this procedure.


        308 Ferrari replica
        Prova Countach 5000S


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          Thanks for the help Don! Let's see if this works.


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            A few more of the windscreen and undercarriage...


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              Nice congrads, the 25th kits are hard to tell who made it but I'm sure someone with a keen eye may help. Does look well built!
              Website link [URL=""][/URL]
              Blog link [URL=""][/URL]


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                I see an IFG style under brace if that helps, also the distinctive engine cover and scoop treatment should ring a bell for somebody. Seems like a very nice build from the photos, I think you're in good hands even if you don't find the builder.


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                  Thanks for the feedback and the tips gentlemen!


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                    There is a fellow named Dmitri that posts over on with completed cars etc. and some of that work looks like it might be his. The custom deck lid and air boxes look to be custom after work vs how it might have started with a builder etc. I don't think Armstrong did a 25th nor Sienna but I think Euroworks did so not sure where this might have started.

                    I don't think it would be an IFG as that frame was designed by another gentlemen many years ago for 355 and Testarossa builds and looks like an owner or builder adapted for the additional length. IFG frame was a box along the rocks of 1x2 and did not work very well.

                    Car looks really nice and has the proper convex fender flares of the 25th vs. how most come out with the 5000s concave fender flares.

                    Have fun with it and post progress as you go through it to make it your own.

                    308 Ferrari replica
                    Prova Countach 5000S


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