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79 Ferrari 308 GTS kit tailight lenses

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  • 79 Ferrari 308 GTS kit tailight lenses

    I just bought an '86 Fiero with a Mera body. It's not a real Mera, but it's still a pretty cool car. The guy I bought
    it from says it's supposed to replicate a '79 308 GTS.

    I have a question about the tailights. Currently, it has the two red lens and two amber lens tailights, with the reds on the
    outside and the ambers inside. The ambers aren't doing anything right now and the lights, turn and brake lights
    all go to the red lenses.

    First, I've seen pics of 79-80 308 GTS's with the reds on the outside, ambers on the inside like mine and I've seen
    308s with the ambers on the outside and reds on the inside.

    What lights did what on a real '79 308 and how were they installed?
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    1979 308 rear tail lights

    for 1979, the amber turn lights were mounted to the outside and red to the inside. Here is a link to a beautiful 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS that you can use as a reference. The photo gallery has nice high quality pictures.


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      Thanks! What about other years? I'm pretty sure I saw an 80 with red on the outside and ambers inside.

      How can I tell what year mine is attempting to duplicate?

      I'll have to check my state's laws on turn signals. I'm thinking about making both red and amber blink when turning.


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        I have seen maybe two with the red on the outside, a 1981 308 GTSi and a 1978 308 GTS. This is not the norm by any measure. On the real 308 there are 3 mounting screws that bolt from inside the engine area. the Turn signal also has the clear center which is the reverse lights. What I would do is see what parts you have to work with, and find the closest model to replicate. Do your lights mount flat so that if you wanted to you could switch the lights to which ever side you like the red ones on? I would check on your states laws, some require only red rear facing lights and turn signals. If the car came factory like that then you have a grandfather clause, however if it is a kit car that is being built you might have to comply with the laws that are in place at the time of the build. Once again it all depends on your local laws and regulations. You can find out most of the rules and regulations by contacting your local Highway Patrol.


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          Out of curiosity did you kit come from California there was an 86 kit for sale recently in CA and i was just wondering


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            Pretty weird. Normally the 308 Kits "wire the amber lens" for the turn signal. Many kits and replica lenses omit the center white lens for the backup light (inside the amber lens). I have original 308 Lenses on my 308. It was the easiest part of the swap since the original Fiero harness was pretty much "plug-and-play" I guess whoever built the car wasn't too familiar with wiring. Maybe the rest of the wiring is still "tied up" under the car and you can wire the ambers at some point.

            And yes, the amber lenses are mounted on the outsides. I too have seen a few original cars with Reds on the outside and I could never figure out why that was...
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