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Wildcat is on the road (Cheetah inspired build)

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  • Wildcat is on the road (Cheetah inspired build)

    It's taken 3 months but I've finally made it through the NY registration process for custom vehicles. The other day I went on a 100 mile drive through the Adirondack Mountains of NY. I'm happy to say that the car drives and handles great. I didn't have any issues.

    Here are a few pictures. The one of my son in the car is to show scale. He's 6'2". The seat can even go lower.

    The body is not finished. It's as it came out of the mold. The stripe was done with duct tape so I could see if I like it. I have a new body being finished in Red. I'll switch them out this fall.
    Having fun.

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    Outstanding car! This has got to be a great time for you.


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      Great work! The car looks great and it looks like the local Cobra folks don't mind you hanging around with them either. Congrats.


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        Amazing work!


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          Amazing road!
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            wow, amzing car. I'm love this shape <3


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              Thank you for all of the comments. I've been driving the car as much as possible. I went for a 2hr trip through the Adirondacks yesterday. The car drives and handles great.

              I'm in my retirement years. I've had some serious health issues but am felling pretty good. For something to do I've decided to offer my car as a kit. I think that it offers a great alternative to the "Cobra". (My Wildcat uses Chevy power and C4 Corvette suspension) I don't know if there's any market for it but I'm hoping to sell a few as a way to keep myself busy.

              I've had the next body finished out in Red Gel Coat. It's not "paint" show quality but it's pretty good. I'm going to take the unfinished white body off of my driver and put the Red one on.

              I've started to build the next frame. I'll tack it together than have a professional welder finish it up.

              I'm working on a website.

              Having fun!


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                Amazing designs of cars. I really like these cars especially white color is my favorite.
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