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Aventador Possibly used Mazerari Windshield

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  • Aventador Possibly used Mazerari Windshield

    I can't tell for sure so I'm posting it here and maybe someone can do some digging and find out more. I found an auction for an aftermarket aventador windshield that said it was for a mazerari and fits aventador. I'm comparing pics of different windshields and it looks like the quatraportteeeeeeee or whatever that car is may have a windshield that is very similar if not identical dimensionally. The frit seems to be different between the different cars but the size and shape could be the same and in the little looking around I've done I found these for 800 dollars and less. This window could be cut down to fit the Diablo I believe as well if the agp glass doesn't come down in price. Anyway just saw this and thought it could come in handy. I've been working on my car and wish I had this information when I bought all my glass.

    Hope this helps
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