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Old VW Guy Buys First VW Kit Car

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  • Old VW Guy Buys First VW Kit Car

    Why did I send this forum money?

    I have been ripped off.
    Last edited by Ulu; 04-09-2020, 12:32 PM.

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    Hey Ulu and welcome to the slippery slope of kit car owning!

    Sounds like you have yourself a nice little project there. We all suffer with the DMV one time or another.
    My last build (which was a bit to a shot in the eye for my local DMV /DPS) took 9 months to get on the road and recently had another little hurdle with them. You shouldn’t have the same issues as your car is VW based. Hopefully pre 75 so you don’t have the whole smog thing!

    What does it look like now and what direction are you going in with it?

    VW based cars were plentiful back in the day, but much thinner on the ground now. is a good resource for VW parts and specific advice.


    Edit: just noticed you said 73. That’s good!


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      Thank you for the reply Munky. When I was a kid I always wanted an Ocelot. You might remember it but for those who don't it was basically like a swoopier Meyers Manx with shiny side panels, which concealed the rough fiberglass tub.

      I sent you a few bucks as patronage, but I can't post a photo yet.
      Soon...very soon, I'll put up some photos of my hobby vehicles.


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        I think I remember those, but not the company that built them. Very cool front end. A lot less aggressive than any other buggy at the time and very 60s.
        I do remember that George Barris made a couple for a movie - the name of which escapes me now.
        The Ocelot name was a play on Bruce Meyers ‘Manx’.

        Just found it on the internet - Sand Chariots. Wow, some of the stuff on the net is amazing!
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          I'm gonna close the door behind me.
          Last edited by Ulu; 04-09-2020, 12:33 PM.


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            TRIAL No FIVE

            Or maybe it's just 5, so let us try again....

            A photo upload please . . . ? I see,
            "You may post attachments"
            Below, under permissions.

            Still no Joy, so I mailed the webmaster.


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              Tip: you need to post your photos on a photo hosting site and then you can have them show embedded your posts. I used to use Photobucket but the watermark your pictures so I don't use that service anymore. is what I use now.
              Joel Heinke
              Be original; don't be afraid of being bold!


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                Yer kidding me!

                I paid good money for privliges!

                Screw this place! Screw photobucket too.

                Clearly this forum jumped the shark long ago.


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                  Munky, I hope you don't mind me posting your message here.

                  Hey there Ulu. Sorry to see you go.
                  This place used to be a real hotbed of kitcar stuff but now unfortunately sucks.
                  . . . most kitcar sites have died because of Facebook . . . Munky King
                  Folks, I'm not usually this easily pizzed off, but it's very disappointing to spend effort on a new forum and find out the place is a deceptive and unmanaged enterprise.
                  I wasted hours trying to do impossible things the forum told me I could do.

                  At my age, my attention and effort is more important than the $20 I sent to the operator. (Whomever that may be. Clearly they are not in control.)

                  Maybe you folks can find somebody with admin privileges to take down those deceptive sticky messages which convinced me I'd get privileges for cash; because I have not had a timely reply from the folks responsible for this place.

                  It is a criminal action to advertise and sell services not provided, whether intentional or just by negligence.
                  I'm not sure what will happen when this is reported.

                  People create these places, set them in motion, and eventually walk away leaving them forgotten & unmanaged.

                  It's the same as a derelict ship on the ocean. It's a danger to others, and must be scuttled for their safety.

                  It might still be worth a lot to the associated members, if salvaged; but value to the responsible parties is certainly forfeit in these circumstances.


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