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New Vaydor G35 Bodykit and Parts Distributor - Feedback

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  • New Vaydor G35 Bodykit and Parts Distributor - Feedback

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all doing good.

    You have probably all heard by now that the Vaydor Bodykits are available again, albeit not through Matt anymore, but through Carolina Vaydors which turns out to be the distributing arm of Supercraft Cars.
    I have been saving for some time to start this project, but know very little about this company Carolina Vaydors, nor Supercraft Cars for that matter.

    I don't suppose many people have dealt with Carolina, as they seem brand new to the scene, since April 2020.

    Could people share their experiences with Supercraft Cars regarding their general customer service, was the project delivered on time, how was the quality of craftsmanship, were they good communicators, etc, etc? Did you purchase the Vaydor (kit or turnkey) through Supercraft Cars?

    I am not a millionaire, but a high school math teacher that has been saving for some time for this specific project. I wanted to minimize my risks of potentially having a bad experience (I have read some horror stories in the kit car and custom car world - on madmechanics too).

    Below is the link to their website:

    Best Regards,
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    Kitcargrey, first let me be clear that I am a fan of the Vaydor, in spite of being critical here several times in the past with most of the foul mouths that associate with Vaydor. I wish Vaydor the best and hope this is legit, but there is sure a big but coming. The biggest red flag that I can possibly imagine is a company that did not exist two weeks ago, with a flashy website, and yet no telephone number and no physical address and no company history and no history of it's owner in this market. Surely a legit deal just does not handle business that poorly. I wish you the best as well, do the math on that Mr High School Math Teacher.


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      Carolina vaydor is a kid that built one to sell and now hes selling them apparntly and supercraft cars build them also before you put any money down have a contract written up with timelines and quality penilties make sure you check all details when you veiw one such as windows operation and seal window wiper operation door seal and gaps Stay safe


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